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Want to assist children in developing what is necessary for a truly fulfilled life? It looks as if Avi Weisfogel is seeking the same, with a $2000 GoFundMe campaign that seeks to benefit Operation Smile. Weisfogel has an enduring passion for helping children get the best start possible, and it is no surprise he chose Operation Smile as his organization, considering his profession.

A dentist, Weisfogel chose Operation Smile because they focus on providing mouth surgeries to needy children throughout the world. They specialize in correcting facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lips, giving children the bright future they deserve. Weisfogel’s dental background gives him insight into the necessity of mouth surgeries for deformities, despite a child’s economic background. He believes that every child deserves exceptional care.

Operation Smile was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1982 with humble beginnings, their first trip being to the Philippines. Currently the organization is throughout the world and has provided over 200,000 free facial surgeries. They have a deep respect for native cultures worldwide and work closely with local healers to provide the best care possible. They also are sure to speak the language so that their young patients feel truly at home.

Weisfogel loves Operation Smile, because it gives children with little resources hope. It allows them to feel as if, whatever happens, they will be alright and provided for.

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