Water Quality Returns To Close To Normal Levels At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

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The quality of water at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has never been called into question until a recent rain event pushed contaminants into a number of wells in the Upper Mountain region of the resort. Placer County Environmental Health officials have already stated the reversal of contaminants in the four wells serving the Gold Coast and High Camp areas of the resort have begun to reduce as the water quality begins to return to normal; Squaw Valley Ski Resort officials have already stated their restaurants in the Upper Mountain region will remain closed to keep all visitors as safe as possible until normal water quality levels have been restored.


In terms of the response of Squaw Valley to the contamination, the resort can be proud of the fast response they took to the contamination in the four well system that was upgraded for quality in the summer of 2016. Officials from the resort have now released a statement to provide some relevant information on the water quality, which has explained three of the four contaminated wells have already been reported to have no traces of E.Coli in them at the last date of testing and lowered levels of Coliform. Squaw Valley is taking every opportunity to make sure the water quality levels are remitted as quickly as possible by bringing in independent experts to assist in returning water quality to its normal levels.


For officials at Squaw Valley Ski Resort the major issue appears to be the safety and security of their visitors at all times as all drinking water supplies to the popular High Camp and Gold Coast areas remain closed to the public. Ski slopes throughout the resort have remained open with the popular Upper Mountain region remaining as popular as ever among visitors who have been provided with free bottled water to ensure their comfort while the water quality issue is addressed.