Vijay Eswaran; The Brains Behind QI Group And RHYTHM Foundation

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Vijay Eswaran, the man behind QI Group, was once a student at London school of Economics where he attained his degree in Economics. Regardless of being born in Malaysia, Vijay understood the importance of having a solid education background and this shy he moved to gain more knowledge.

After he had graduated, Vijay was not in a hurry to come back home as he had no idea which career path he wanted to pursue. This led to him doing various odd jobs as he tried to figure out what he wanted in pursue in life. He once worked at a construction site in Belgium and even went ahead to become a taxi driver in London.

While doing all these jobs, he never felt fully satisfied until the day he was acquainted with the binary system, marketing. Every aspect of binary system marketing intrigued him, and this incited him to certificate from CIMA.

He later joined Sothern Illinois University to attain his MBA while still involving himself with multilevel advertising while learning more about Multi Level Marketing system. After he had learned everything there is to know about these marketing systems, Vijay went back to Malaysia, and this is where he founded QI Group, a multilevel organization.

As years went by, the firm continued developing and attained numerous customers from different places in the world. This led to QI opening up offices in various states to deal with the rising number of clients. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Having its headquarters in Hong Kong, QI opened offices in others countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. It also attained numerous subsidiaries firms that also aimed at satisfying the rising demand from the customers.

Vijay went ahead to establish RHYTHM Foundation, that aimed at helping the community and the less fortunate individuals. He also established Vijayaratnam Foundation to help in eradicating poverty while giving employment opportunity to millions of people.

All these foundations he created was to give back to the community. He believes that through giving back to the community, his achievements continue increasing as the hand that gives is the hand that receives. Founding QI group was the best thing Eswaran has ever done in his life.