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Victoria Doramus was once a struggling addict and after going through it all seeks to help others in her spare time and give advice to them. Although she helps humans; she also assists animals, as per One of the organizations that she supports is the Best Friend’s Animal Society according to the article from the Patch. Their mission is to end the injustices and harm committed at animal shelters. They believe that they can save all the animals and use programs and partner with others to do just that. In the past, animals were regularly killed at animal shelters and that is how organizations such as Best Friend’s arrived. The organization started off taking animals and taking care of them. After some time, they were healthy and were given to loving families who truly wanted them.

What would form would be the nonprofit organization Best Friends Animal Society. The other animals who did not find families would stay with them. Doramus supports the organizations as she believes no animals deserve to be killed and that one day, it will not continue to happen. Both the organization and Victoria Doramus hope that it will happen. The Best Friend’s Animal Society has already been able to save over a thousand animals and they have helped many injured ones get their lives back in order and off to a fresh start. The article goes into comparing humans to animals and how we are not that much different than people seem. At the organization, they hold an array of different events such as “adoption events, fundraising drives, public education campaigns,” and more. By working as a group and collaborating with others they can save many animals. Anyone can make a donation to the Best Friend’s Animal Society. With the donations, they can help many more animals seek a better life and give them to other loving families. People can also choose to volunteer at events in New York City.