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Oisin, the founder of Handy, a professional cleaners, and handymen booking site started on political content then went to real estate, then to on-demand taxi service. Handy was born when he moved to Harvard to do his MBA. He and a friend that was living under the same roof decided to pursue the handy concept and dropped out of school in the second year.

After he opened the start up in New York, he has been growing in giving on demand services to the market. Over years, a lot other similar companies have come into the limelight. However, Handy is unperturbed by growing completion as it has created a long list of loyal customers.

Balancing between the customers and contractors

Handy has about 160 employees and around 100- thousand contractors. In this case, the company has to seek for ways to satisfy both the clients and the contractors that are not its employees. Thus, the company gives professionals the flexibility to earn some more cash. For clients, it is all about having a reliable handyman or cleaner hat they can hire at a specific time of the day. There has always been the need for such services with many customers worried about the reliability and quality of work done.

Experimental services

Over eighty percent of the business comes from cleaners and the rest from handymen. Handy plans to sell furniture through third party dealers and offer to pick the furniture, deliver, and assemble it at the client’s home or office.

Hiring is the main line of business for Handy. Thus, it plans to invest in that line over the next half a year. Oisin says that he has no plans to make contractors his employees but will continue to offer flexibility and access to new markets to all the contractors on board. Handy offer cleaning services, handyman services, plumbing and interior painting among other services.

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