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Shervin Pishevar discussed future innovations and small business. He stressed how important it is for new developments to occur at an intimate level. Why is this so important? The main reason is that only people who experience problems know how to truly solve them. What a large corporation may deem as a resounding success, some local communities my find essentially ineffective or impractical. This is why regional and local innovations achieved through small business paradigms is so crucial.

One must also consider the aspect of technological empowerment that Shervin Pishevar touched upon. With more capable tools in the hands of an increasing number of people, why is that large corporations have so much influence. Yes, today people have a greater voice amongst their peers. Instead of just telephone communication, media and online mediums are used by much of the world. And yet, while large corporations use this information to determine which innovations to pursue, they have little or no vested interest other than financial gain for themselves. This means that resources and efforts will follow areas of increasing profitability. As Shervin Pishevar alludes to, centralized areas of innovation have a negative impact on the economy.

A solution presented by Shervin Pishevar would certainly include greater awareness for small business and even economic stimulus in this area. It is only in this way that all of the world can be appropriately represented. The type of innovation occurring at large corporations is important. Staying at the forefront of technology and pushing the limits of what humans are capable of inventing does improve the world. However, local innovation provides the best options in the daily lives of people. It values individuals and fosters their contributions.

When regions become more independent they become more sustainable. Instead of one perspective from a global corporation, now there are multiple inputs of the issues that plague the world. And thus, a solitary corporation determining the fate of all the world’s innovation is ultimately unproductive. It would be like billions of people listening to one person, one brain, speak about everything, all of the time.