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While Isabel dos Santos was born into one of the most influential and richest families in Africa, she has spent her life forging her own path. She has stepped out of the shadow of her father, and she has become a voice for the under privileged. One of her main focuses is on the role of young women in Africa and the ways by which they can access a full education. Isabel dos Santos spent her childhood traveling to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and she feels very fortunate to have had such a wonderful upbringing. She has had to deal with some of the prejudice that comes with having such a childhood.

In her business life she has faced many obstacles. She has had to contend with being a woman, being black, and being so young. She has had to compete in a male dominated industry. She has advice for the young girls who want to follow in her footsteps. While she will always be an advocate for them, she encourages them to fight for themselves and demand things like an education. Isabel dos Santos hopes that one day women will be on level terms with men, but until that day comes, she believes that systems have be forced upon companies to allow women to succeed. It starts with equal pay, but there also has to be a change in culture so that women are allowed the same promotion opportunities as men. The entire culture of some major companies has to shift to see women as equals.

As a mother of three, she is focused on improving the working and schooling conditions for the next generation. She will use her platform as the richest woman in Africa to continue to be a voice for women around the world