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A lawyer is very important when you are dealing with legal matters that need to be sorted out urgently. There are very many reasons why people work with lawyers. For instance, you may just hire a lawyer to help you go through a document and tell you what liabilities you have under the agreement. You may also look for a lawyer in instances where you have been sued by another person. Whatever the reason for hiring the services of a lawyer, you need to make a sound decision otherwise it would simply be a waste of time and money.


If you are a New York City resident, you may have heard of Ross Abelow. Abelow is a lawyer who graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and practiced law for a number of years now. He is not only recognized for his legal services but also his membership to various legal bodies. Ross is also a writer and he owns a blog where he shares his views in legal issues.


When you need a lawyer to help you sort out your matrimonial issues, Abelow is the go-to lawyer.  Where they want to go through the divorce process in court, he also represents them to facilitate the process. Part of his advice entails how to distribute their assets during divorce, how to maintain their children as well as issues to do with child custody.


As a succession lawyer, Abelow advises his clients on the need to have a valid will before they die. This not only makes it easier for their loved ones to discharge their wishes but it also helps reduce stress on their part.


Abelow is also a commercial and entertainment lawyer who deals with clients with varying needs. Not only does he work with entertainers but also celebrities. They could come to him for advice on how to sign deals and get the most out of their businesses the legal way.


Apart from his law practice, Abelow also loves to do community service. He is the man behind the Go Fund Me campaign that raised money for animal shelters in order to help them accommodate more homeless animals in New York City. The initiative helped buy food, medicine and bedding for the animal shelters.

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  1. One of his practice areas is family and matrimonial law. As a family or matrimonial lawyer, Abelow helps spouses reach an amicable settlement outside court. I think this is definitely necessary and bestessay could have done well to provide such a needed help all along.

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