Paul Mampilly Is An Honest Investing Teacher Who Left Wall Street To Help The Common Man

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Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for a good portion of his life and helped to make many people there a lot of money. All of that changed when he became worn out and tired of helping rich people become richer. In 2008, when the stock market crashed, he watched on as countless people lost everything. While this took place, hedge fund managers and other Wall Street workers were raking in the bucks from their clients.

The excess and greed of Wall Street eventually were too much for Paul Mampilly to handle, and he made his exit in order to become the man he always wanted to be. Today, he works with the little guy and all of the other American investors who need someone with his knowledge and expertise. Mampilly is the editor and writer of his own newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He also started up his own subscription service he calls the Professional Speculator.

Paul Mampilly learned how to invest by working as a hedge fund manager for different companies. He worked with Kinetics Asset Management and was able to raise billions of dollars for its hedge fund. Mampilly also took part in a competition that was ran by the John Templeton Foundation where he grew a fund by more than 75% during a recession.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is being read by more than 60,000 people. He updates his newsletter on a weekly basis and works with a model portfolio that he shares with readers. Mampilly has admitted that he has read over 1000 different books over his lifetime and that he has invested a great deal in understanding the way that the stock market works. He is expecting the millennial generation to take over the market soon and has been letting investors know about this coming change. While many other investors aim to make as much money as they can at whatever cost, Paul Mampilly is a man of principles. It is his hope that he will be able to lift many people out of the economic position they are in now.

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