Paragon Biosciences and Jeffrey Aronin Plans on Offering Hope to Many Patients

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Jeffrey Aronin is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who runs the Paragon Biosciences as the CEO. Paragon Biosciences is an investment company and a biotechnology incubator that was set up to help patients who suffer from serious and rare diseases that have no therapies to counter. The portfolio companies in Paragon Bioscience use advanced methods to come up with new therapies and medications.


Paragon Biosciences is looking for new methods of treating illnesses through innovative solutions. Although we have seen scientific efforts in our generation that succeed in creating breakthrough curative methods, Jeffrey Aronin is taking biotechnology to a whole new level.


Going beyond conventional ways of treatment


Jeffrey Aronin has an innovative mindset that enhances the medical approaches for countering related disorders. For him, one of the primary ways of coming up with treatments is going beyond the current methods. A new network of biotechnology companies has been created by Paragon Biosciences that leads researchers who are passionate about finding new treatment methods. Each company in the network hires researchers who can come up with contemporary methods for treating a set of diseases and specific rare diseases. Each company is independent, with its leadership, but they are all part of Paragon Biosciences.


Creating new medications


In the biotech world, Paragon Biosciences has already gained a particular status. The executive team of Paragon Biosciences has led their staff to fourteen innovative medicines that the FDA have approved.


Although Paragon Biosciences is in its rightful place among the top investment firms and bioscience incubators, Jeffrey Aronin is not satisfied with the FDA approval as the benchmark of the company’s success. Jeffrey Aronin also wants to fund dedicated researchers. Accordingly, Jeffrey Aronin would like to fund research plans that will help the development of new medications. His research team continuously plans on ways to find new methods of treating rare blood disorders and even CNS (central nervous system) diseases.


Jeffrey Aronin strives to look for treatment methods that can give patients longer and healthier lives; this is what drives him to push the boundaries of innovation in medicine through research continuously.