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Keith and Keely Mann have recently promised a 5 thousand dollar scholarship to a high school senior at Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. Uncommon Schools are charter public schools that are in low income areas. Their goals is to close the achievement gap and make sure that more individuals from low income backgrounds can graduated from both high school and college.

The school is very excited about the new scholarship because it means that one more student from their school will be able to get a four year college education.
Keith Mann has been a long time advocate of education and has a strong background in philanthropy. The application ,for the coming college term that starts in August, closed at the end of February. A winner will be decided by the end of March.

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. DSP helps hedge funds, alternative investment companies and equity firms. They help these firms to find executives and other staff members. DSP has been able to successfully help 2 thousand client requests and this is only since 2001. The company has also expanded its services to Asia and Europe and because of their database of investment executives is known to be one of the biggest in the world.

Mann started with Dynamic Associates and served in the alternative investments division as a manager. He slowly got promotion after promotion and now Mann is a vice president at the organization. It was because of Mann’s creativity that he realized there was an open market for executives in hedge funds and other investment situation. It was such a successful idea that he had in 2002 that it quickly expanded to encompass more and by 2006, the company was already assisting with executive searches for the private equity industry and several others.


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