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Consumers spend millions on internet access every year. Living in a connected world has created a very profitable business, with companies capitalizing on the consumers’ need to stay connected for personal and business use. One company is shattering the costly-internet glass ceiling, however. FreedomPop has been breaking all the internet and mobile rules for five years now.



While FreedomPop may not be the service provider for everyone, the company does offer completely free and extremely cost-efficient options that can suit numerous budgets and needs. Being a customer of FreedomPop means you have access to multiple mobile and internet options.



Their free cell phone service is the company’s biggest claim to fame. This plan is absolutely, no-fine-print, free. It gives customers 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texting, and 200 voice minutes per month. Even though sending and receiving messages will eat up the data on the plan, FreedomPop does not force customers to sign contracts, does not charge random end-of-the-month fees, and does not charge a cancellation fee. FreedomPop uses the Sprint network for their service. This plan’s data is relatively low and is intended for those who are light data users.



For those who go over the data allotment, FreedomPop will charge for extra data. When you get to the last 100MB of data on the plan, the company will automatically charge $10 to your account to “top up.” Customers always have the option to opt out of the “top up.” This free service is also only free for a year. After the year is up, the plan is still only $10.00 per month, still an extremely affordable option.



For customers who will eat up that 500MB in no time, there are also paid cell phone and internet options. For $5 per month, customers can get hooked up to over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country to access the internet. This is not a great option for those who live in rural options, but ideal for those in urban regions. For only $10.99 per month, customers can receive 500MB of data, in addition to unlimited talk and text. This plan also gives you the choice of using data over the mobile network or through Wi-Fi. The automatic “top up” also applies to this plan.



For $20 per month, customers can gain access to FreedomPop’s “Unlimited Everything” plan, their most popular plan. This plan includes unlimited data, talk, and text. However, if the data consumed goes over 1GB, the data speed will drop from 4G to 3G. FreedomPop even offers internet-only plans that are also economically friendly. You can receive 500MB for free that only uses 4G, 500MB for $3.99 per month that uses both 4G and 3G, and 2GB for $19.99 per month that uses both 4G and 3G.