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While Isabel dos Santos was born into one of the most influential and richest families in Africa, she has spent her life forging her own path. She has stepped out of the shadow of her father, and she has become a voice for the under privileged. One of her main focuses is on the role of young women in Africa and the ways by which they can access a full education. Isabel dos Santos spent her childhood traveling to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and she feels very fortunate to have had such a wonderful upbringing. She has had to deal with some of the prejudice that comes with having such a childhood.

In her business life she has faced many obstacles. She has had to contend with being a woman, being black, and being so young. She has had to compete in a male dominated industry. She has advice for the young girls who want to follow in her footsteps. While she will always be an advocate for them, she encourages them to fight for themselves and demand things like an education. Isabel dos Santos hopes that one day women will be on level terms with men, but until that day comes, she believes that systems have be forced upon companies to allow women to succeed. It starts with equal pay, but there also has to be a change in culture so that women are allowed the same promotion opportunities as men. The entire culture of some major companies has to shift to see women as equals.

As a mother of three, she is focused on improving the working and schooling conditions for the next generation. She will use her platform as the richest woman in Africa to continue to be a voice for women around the world

Dr. Saad Saad understands the importance of vaccinating your children. In an article on, he talks about how parents call about symptoms their child is experiencing. These symptoms include fever, severe coughing or pain, and rashes. The first question a pediatrician will ask is, has your child been vaccinated. There’s that moment between the question and receiving the answer where the fate of the child hangs in the balance.  Learn more:

These are vaccinations like whooping cough, rotavirus, and measles. As soon as they are told the child has been vaccinated then they can move past those being a potential reason for the symptoms. If not, then they need to get them in quickly so they can determine what’s wrong with them. This means there might be a lot of long nights ahead for them taking care of their sick children. In some cases, they may need to be taken to the hospital immediately to save their lives.

It also is possible they need to worry about the child attending school and finding out whether or not they infected other students. One sick student could get a lot of others sick in a short amount of time. Dr. Saad Saad and his colleagues stand firm that vaccinations on a set schedule are the only way to protect your children from some life-threatening diseases. He said you must look at the facts about vaccines and the positives they can provide to those who follow the procedures.

Of course, the biggest reason is that vaccinations can save your kid’s lives. It helps you build up antibodies to fight the germs so your body has them in place when it comes in contact with the real disease. It’s helped to completely wipe out smallpox and some other diseases that used to kill many people.

Dr. Saad Saad says children and adults need vaccinations. Children get the most but it’s important to keep up to date with shots to prevent severe medical complications. There have been many people that say autism is caused by vaccines but the truth is there has been no link found and there is proof infants are born with autism before any vaccines have been administered.

Dr. Saad Saad was the Surgeon-in-Chief as well as the Co-Medical Director of the K Hovanina Children’s Hospital and Hackensack Meridian Health Care System respectively. He is now retired and served as a pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal family in the eighties.

He is a world-renowned surgeon with forty years under his belt before retirement. He created inventions that helped the medical community greatly. It is his advice that you vaccinate your children and follow the schedule your pediatrician has laid out for you.

Madison Street Capital takes this special opportunity to announce their award-winning progress at the 16th Annual M&A Advisory Awards Madison Street Capital has depicted a great level of excellence to qualify for this awards. The company was also announced as the finalist for the Boutique Investment Company of the Year. During the same time, Madison Street Capital was also recognized as the Under 250MM Financial deal of the Year. Following Madison Street Capital‘s success in the two awards, they were informed to assimilate their business for the Financial Debt of the Year Award for advising the WLR Automotive Company in a successful transaction. Learn more:


For many years now, Madison Street Capital has been selected for the nomination processes on various awards because of their outstanding competence in the industry. The independent judges also recognized the company during their first evolution process that will help them focus their attention towards selecting the best winner. During the selection process, it was evident that Madison Street Capital could scoop a good position because of their achievements in the industry. According to the Chief executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, this is a great honor for the company. Charles Botchway, the CEO and President of Madison Street Capital, also said that the company has always worked towards the provision of superior service to understand the middle-market needs. This is why they are leading in the industry.


The transaction Madison Street Capital helped the WLR Automotive Company complete was led by the senior managing director of the company. The team of professionals working at Madison Street Capital is always satisfied with every step they take to complete their client’s transactions in the industry. This recognition will also motivate the people working for better business solutions in the company to achieve the best for their future clients. This recognition also showcases the industrial revolution practices that will elevate the company to the greatest business heights in the country.


Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the largest Chicago-based international investment banking firm. The company is also committed to the strongest levels of excellence integrity, and leadership to deliver the best as far as corporate financial transactions are concerned. Madison Street Capital is also the best in delivering financial options, mergers and acquisition services, and valuation services to private and public companies in all parts of the world. These services also place the company’s clients in a position to succeed in their business endeavors at all times.

With a passion for technology, Jason Hope has built himself a successful business portfolio. This was right after he obtained his MBA from Arizona State University. Prior to this, the entrepreneur had obtained an undergraduate degree in Finance. With these qualifications, Hope confesses that it only felt right to start his own businesses. The philanthropist gives his take on his business life so far.

What are the things that inspired him?

Before starting the business, Hope found inspiration in mobile communication technology. This was because the field reached many people, and also had many benefits. To him, this was the best avenue for change. As much as it isn’t new, mobile technology offers a lot of room for improvement. He states that it helped him nurture his future in medical research through technology.

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How does he make money?

The philanthropist indicates that his portfolio of technology companies earn him his fortune. His first company was called Jawa, and was a mobile communications company. With Jawa, Hope went on to form multiple partnerships with interested technology companies, with Jawa being the parent company. Currently, his investments provide services such as Search Engine Optimization, and Interactive software. It is from these that he makes his living.

What marketing strategies does Hope use to generate new business?

Excluding referrals, social media is what generates new business for Hope. According to him, the social media marketing platform has been tried and found to be a good way to market. What makes it even better is that, it is readily available. Hope states that, the only reason he prefers social media is because he believes in marketing platforms that keep people connected. This way, not only does one generate new business, but also generates business connections.

Which tough decision has he had to make recently?

Hope found retreating and reevaluating his path difficult. Of late, he has been writing blogs for tech companies. He uses this as a platform to share his thoughts and theories with the general public. The reason he does this is because he wants people to know about what technology has in store for them. This way, he will be able to make big changes. The futurist then points out that scaling back in the last few months, just to find time to write, has not been an easy decision.

For more information, find Jason Hope on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.