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Many affluent people prefer keeping away from the spotlight. Most of them engage in political, social and economic activities through proxies in order to hide their identities. The Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch are no exception. The billionaire industrialists led private lives until recently when rumors concerning them started circulating. Not many Americans including those enjoying the trappings of power in Washington were aware of their presence. This only changed after it was found out that they had an influence on the American political landscape.

The Myths and the Truths Behind them

Numerous myths have emerged to portray Charles Koch in negative light. The most prominent of them was the allegation that they came into the limelight only after President Obama ascended to the presidency. This is not true because they have been on the forefront in reforming American legislation and public policies for over four decades. They have funded many democratic think-tanks. Charles is an active political operative and even contested a party seat in 1980.

There have also been claims that the Koch’s extensive connections are merely meant to act as a political front for their vast empire. The brothers however support and fund policies that improve the welfare of businesspeople at all levels. This includes the reduction of taxes. They do this not for their own benefit but to benefit the American society as a whole.

A myth also exists that the Koch set-up spends huge money to fund many conservative groups. It should however be understood that it is a group of societies that the brothers and their close associates have developed to advance ideas of the Republican Party, which they support.

Charles Koch in Brief

Charles G. Koch is one of the most politically connected tycoons in the United States. He was born on November 1, 1935 in Wichita, where he is a resident to date. Together with his brother David, he co-owns the Koch Industries, where he is also the Chief Executive Officer. The Massachusetts alumnus is ranked among the wealthiest individuals on earth with a net worth of over 35 billion US dollars. Charles is also a supporter of the Republican Party and is heavily involved in its activities.

Away from business and politics, Mr. Koch helps fund several free market leaning learning institutions.