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With the battle of viewership gaining momentum, organizations are battling out to create impressive content that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats. One such company is the made up stories production company. Headed by Steve Hutensky and Braun Papandrea, the company has gained the rights to air the best-selling novel: The favorite sister. The book features a sibling rivalry, where two sisters try to out-do each other in all crosses of life. The story transcends into the tragic death of one sister. The comic book depicts a sharp commentary on sisterhood and ambition.

Over the years Braun Papandrea has tried to change the social world order where men are depicted as veto leaders by producing TV shows such as Big Little Lies and Wild and Gone Girl. With her upcoming project involving women, Braun tries to tell the story from a woman’s perspective. Among her producers are Jeanne snow, Casey Haver and Steve Hutensky. The pilot is expected to be written and produced by the author. With a production career which began in 1995 with Miramax media, Steve Hutensky has made a name for himself with big productions such as 2:22, Wake up and The Nightingale. He will be heading the company and is expected to bring in fresh ideas which will try and create a balance between the complex natures that Braun and Jessica Knoll sets.

Steve Hutensky also has another upcoming project; Queen America. A story created and produced by Meghan Openheimer. The story is set in Tulsa Oklahoma, and it tells a tale of a beautiful young girl; Samantha Stone who has a dream of being a model but lacks a coach to help her out. She sought the help of Vicki, a renowned ruthless coach who can turn any pauper into a winner.