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Austin, Texas based gold supplier, US Money Reserve has unveiled a new eBook about the advantages of buying gold.  The eBook is called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.

People who download this book from US Money Reserve will also gain access to an exclusive special price offer on Gold American Eagle Coins.  These coins are 1/10 of an ounce in weight and are expected to sell out rapidly.  Those interested in buying these gold coins are urged to act fast to take advantage of this special low price.

US Money Reserve’s latest educational eBook tries to educate Americans who are worried about economic turmoil and slumping markets.  The book explains how owning gold in various forms such as coins and bullion is one of the safest ways to secure wealth in times of global economic uncertainty.  US Money Reserve describes in detail the looming economic uncertainties that stem from political and economic developments. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

This includes trade wars, and increasing risks of major terrorist attacks that threaten to disrupt trade and finance across the globe.  When all of these factors are combined, some experts predict a perfect economic storm that can be highly damaging to one’s savings.

US Money Reserve believes that the best way to protect wealth from political unrest, economic turmoil, trade wars and global terrorism is by buying gold coins and securing your wealth in them.  Philip Diehl of US Money Reserve says that gold prices peak when there is economic uncertainty.

With economic uncertainty around the corner according to many experts, gold may be the best buy you can make to secure your wealth against the economic turmoil of today.

Not only is gold expected to increase in value if economic turmoil and uncertainty increases, it is also highly tangible.  This means that it can be easily traded and converted into cash should you require funds.  Gold has always been the world’s most safest and most reliable asset one can own.

With US Money Reserve, you can get official US Mint stamped gold coins at a now special promotional price.  They are the perfect way to safeguard your money from inflation and market volatility that is only expected to increase before stabilizing.

Besides gold coins, US Reserve can supply you with gold bullion.  The company is a seller of certified US Mint coins and high purity bullion.  One can also buy precious metals such as silver and platinum from US Money Reserve as well.

Discover for yourself why US Money Reserve is one of the leading US sellers of gold, silver and platinum for yourself by calling the company or visiting their website.