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Fabletics which is a fitness brand launched by actress Kate Hudson has recently announced the launch of their first swim line this April 12th – This will allow die hard fans to wear her swim wear on vacation. This is not the only new line to launch, complementary dresses will join the collection too.

The Fabletics brand is under the JustFab group and is a collaboration between Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson told Elite Daily that she was excited to create the line of swimwear and dresses. The design team of Fabletics also worked very hard to make the new line both stylish and sexy but most importantly comfortable to wear.

The Fabletics brand was originally launched in 2013 as a direct competitor to Nike and Lululemon. The Fabletics business model is a digital service which allows members to sign up for a subscription and then the company ships the customer monthly bundles of their newest clothing. There are many different options to choose from. Customers can get full ensemble which includes a top and bottom for $25 and then will be billed $50 per month for an outfit of choice. Customers can also opt out and skip months.

Fabletics specializes in women’s sports wear as well as other accessories and their trademark is comfort. The athletic wear can be worn daily even when not doing physical exercise for those looking for comfort and fit. The Fabletics brand opened their first actual brick and mortar store in October 2015 with many more stores planning to open in 2016. Forbes reports that between 75 to 100 stores are scheduled to open in the next 3-5 years.

Many fans of Kate Hudson were always amazed by the great clothing she wore in her movies and in her daily life.  A lot of the clothing is made from spandex material which is both stretchy and comfortable. Sizes XXS to XXL are provided so everyone will find a size.

Keith and Keely Mann have recently promised a 5 thousand dollar scholarship to a high school senior at Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. Uncommon Schools are charter public schools that are in low income areas. Their goals is to close the achievement gap and make sure that more individuals from low income backgrounds can graduated from both high school and college.

The school is very excited about the new scholarship because it means that one more student from their school will be able to get a four year college education.
Keith Mann has been a long time advocate of education and has a strong background in philanthropy. The application ,for the coming college term that starts in August, closed at the end of February. A winner will be decided by the end of March.

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. DSP helps hedge funds, alternative investment companies and equity firms. They help these firms to find executives and other staff members. DSP has been able to successfully help 2 thousand client requests and this is only since 2001. The company has also expanded its services to Asia and Europe and because of their database of investment executives is known to be one of the biggest in the world.

Mann started with Dynamic Associates and served in the alternative investments division as a manager. He slowly got promotion after promotion and now Mann is a vice president at the organization. It was because of Mann’s creativity that he realized there was an open market for executives in hedge funds and other investment situation. It was such a successful idea that he had in 2002 that it quickly expanded to encompass more and by 2006, the company was already assisting with executive searches for the private equity industry and several others.


Want to assist children in developing what is necessary for a truly fulfilled life? It looks as if Avi Weisfogel is seeking the same, with a $2000 GoFundMe campaign that seeks to benefit Operation Smile. Weisfogel has an enduring passion for helping children get the best start possible, and it is no surprise he chose Operation Smile as his organization, considering his profession.

A dentist, Weisfogel chose Operation Smile because they focus on providing mouth surgeries to needy children throughout the world. They specialize in correcting facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lips, giving children the bright future they deserve. Weisfogel’s dental background gives him insight into the necessity of mouth surgeries for deformities, despite a child’s economic background. He believes that every child deserves exceptional care.

Operation Smile was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1982 with humble beginnings, their first trip being to the Philippines. Currently the organization is throughout the world and has provided over 200,000 free facial surgeries. They have a deep respect for native cultures worldwide and work closely with local healers to provide the best care possible. They also are sure to speak the language so that their young patients feel truly at home.

Weisfogel loves Operation Smile, because it gives children with little resources hope. It allows them to feel as if, whatever happens, they will be alright and provided for.