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OSI Group McDonalds is a food processing company that has grown from grace to grace. The company was a small butcher shop at the beginning in the 19th century; however; the organization is now a widely known food processing company that is currently offering its services worldwide. Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of the company, and by working with his sons- Arthur and Harry, he was able to propel the company’s immense growth. OSI Group McDonalds is an international food provider.

At first, the butcher shop opened by Otto Kolschowsky was meant to serve the Illinois community at large. However, the business grew, and Otto Kolschowsky expanded his business into a large-scale enterprise. In 1928, Otto Kolschowsky was already working together with his sons in the family business which later came to be known as Otto & Sons. Although many food processing companies dealt with the production of meat products, the positive portfolio of Otto & Sons attracted well-paying clients such as McDonalds fast food entity.

Ray Kroc was well knowledgeable about growing a business through franchising models; he was confident that the McDonalds fast food business would grow rapidly in the years to come. Since Otto & Sons was supplying quality products to the McDonalds restaurant, their partnership progressed accordingly. However, the tremendous growth rate of the McDonalds restaurant posed a challenge to their partnership with Otto & Sons; this was because they were not able to deliver meat products to the fast food joints that were not close to their food processing plants. Otto & Sons started looking for a solution, and they came across a food preservation technique that involved keeping food in a frozen state through the use of liquid nitrogen. This discovery brought forth many opportunities since Otto & Sons was now able to transport processed food products to other states and localities.

With time, Otto & Sons transitioned into OSI Group McDonalds when the company’s executives- Arthur and Harry (Otto Kolschowsky’s sons) retired from their leadership positions. Since Sheldon Lavin was a significant player in the growth of OSI Group McDonalds in the 1970s, he was recruited as a chief executive officer.