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Were you a member of a gym back in the days when all women and men had to select from for workout wear was basketball shorts and sweatpants. The women would show up to the gym to workout in sweatpants that in most cases were baggy and had to constantly be pulled up. Those days have come and gone. There is now a new style in town and it is called, Fabletics.


You most likely have been sitting in front of prime time television waiting for your show to start and have seen an ad for the Fabletics brand. The brand is going up against other established showrooms like Amazon. What is the difference between Amazon and Fabletics? Aside from price, the name that stands behind it.


Kate Hudson was brought in as the spokesperson for the brand in the beginning stages of creating the brand. She was brought in as soon as they had the idea to create a membership brand for workout wear. The business wanted to have someone who would help to bring customers in because they knew that they could trust the one selling the items. Kate Hudson is just that. She is trust worthy not only because she is an athletic individual but also because she will be spotted wearing the same workout wear that you as a member will have access to.


If your part of the younger generation and feel like you need someone younger to look up to, their most recent promoter is someone you can look to. In the recent months, Demi Lovato has signed on to create her own line of workout wear and to stand up for people who want something that is fabulous and stylish to work out in.


When it comes to shopping for your athletic wear, do you head to website storefronts like Amazon? Do you instead turn to another virtual website to purchase your items from? If you prefer to stick with Amazon, you will miss out on a whole new world of athletic wear. If you want to try out the Fabletics brand, you will want to check out their website and start off by taking the lifestyle quiz. This quiz is going to lead you down the road of great styles at a more relatable cost than other brands.


Fabletics is working hard to standout against other brands and other showrooms. The one that gives them the run for their money however is Amazon and they are bringing customers over to their side.

Fabletics is an athleisure wear company that is expected to ramp up its sales for the 2017 Christmas season. This is an online internet retailer that has generated over $250 million dollars since it first debuted in 2013. While this company is not a major internet retailer like Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Target or Nordstrom’s – it has managed to find itself a niche in the clothing and fashion market.


Fabletics is such a strong contender against these major enterprises that it even challenges Amazon in the area of athletic casual clothing. Let’s take a closer look at how Fabletics will be able to stand up to Amazon during this holiday season.


When a company or entrepreneur wants to start up a business online, they have to consider the competition. The most-fierce online competitor for any business is Amazon. This internet business generates nearly $80 million a year in sales. It also sells athleisure wear brands that are significantly cheaper than any other retailer.


That is the secret of Amazon’s strength. They can simply cut prices on their merchandise and sell their items in bulk. They do this with a lot of products which also helps to give them the ability to sell merchandise at a cheap price. Unless a business can find a way to compete with that model, they’ll simply be undersold by Amazon.


Fabletics knows that they cannot compete with the company in terms of price cuts. It will not work for their business model. They have to sell their gear at a slightly higher price than Amazon, but they do so with other strategies that have been proven to work.


Actress Kate Hudson from the movie Almost Famous has helped to make this company a well-known brand. She is a co-founding member of the organization and a real asset. Her good fashion sense, amazing beauty and commitment to fashion has helped her to make this enterprise a real winner.


They use a technique called reverse showrooming. This particular technique allows the consumers to come into their brick and mortar locations and then try on various clothing. When consumers try on the various garments they are then automatically added to an online customer cart.


This cart system is created for each customer as they come into a Fabletics store. Consumers appreciate this process and typically go back to the shop to buy more clothing. This holiday season Fabletics will ensure that their customers and consumers get the best deals even over internet giants such as Amazon.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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JustFab may be one of the hottest brands around.This online store is where a lot of women have started to shop for clothes. There are also a lot of accessories that women can use as well. Many people are finding that this is the best way to stay on track with the trendy clothes that are out there.

According to Brandettes, fans have become entice with this brand and they often sign up for the JustFab subscription service. This is one of the hottest subscription companies. and many people are thrilled by the variety that is available. This company has made millions of dollars, and it is one of the most profitable online clothing companies around.

JustFab has turned into the hotspot because it caters to a diverse group of people. This company has recently added a line for plus sized women. There are also petite women that are able to buy clothes on the website as well.

This is the brand that Kimora Lee helped build up. Is is such a big brand and it has expanded in ways that few people would have ever imagined. These ear rings, pursues, clothes and shoes have become so valuable to people that are looking for savings without jeopardizing quality. Learn more about JustFab:

This brand has also been linked to Fabletics so that makes it easier to lure the athletic crowd into this online shopping environment as well. JustFab is taking the fashion world by storm and this isn’t even a need for a physical store. This company has managed to stay profitable during a time when a lot of other clothing companies are closing doors.

JustFab doesn’t have to worry about the expense of brick and mortar stores so it may be much easier to make profits even when the economy is in a recession. This is the sign up a very strong brand.

There have been a lot of companies that have failed to build brands, but JustFab was marketed to perfection with television ads and social media promotion. All of this allowed the company to reach a diverse audience of customers.