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The University of Maryland is changing the way their students see the possibility of working towards philanthropic causes with the help of businessman Bruce Levenson.

The Do Good Institute is a nonprofit initiative that originated with Levenson and his wife Karen, and together was able to raise nearly $100 million in personal and state grants to get it running. According to PR News the aim of the initiative is to get undergraduate students thinking of ways they can use their college education to better organize their own nonprofits and create the changes they want to see reflected in their communities.

Bruce Levenson has backed the Do Good Institute as a means of giving philanthropy a bit of business sense in hopes that they will be more effective. One such example from the University of Maryland is Ben Simon, co-founder of the Food Recovery Network, also went on to start Imperfect Produce. That enterprise took Simon away from his campus and into the world where he’s been able to provide fruits and vegetables to low-income families who would otherwise have to do without.

Successes such as Simon are a sign that the Do Good Institute can provide an educational alternative that can step away from the world of digital options and get young people back into the real world. Levenson sees that not only as a way to get undergrads engaged in important causes but a way to spread the potential for good the initiative has to campuses all over the country.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson is a known businessman and philanthropist. Along with business partner Ed Peskowitz, Levenson founded the United Communications Group, which has provided business information services to more than two million clients for over 40 years.

Levenson and his wife Karen are prolific philanthropists, most notably responsible for creating the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson also served as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation.

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