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Renew Youth is a women health center which aims at providing personalized health care services women need not only in overcoming menopause symptoms but also safeguarding and promoting their health as they grow. Renew Youth has been in service for about 20 years helping many women to overcome menopause symptoms and creating a safe and effective solution to hormonal imbalances.

When menopause sets in, estrogen production is reduced altering hormone balance which results in the development of noticeable symptoms like low sex drive, memory loss, and mood swings. Most women understand these symptoms relates to menopause and are aware they need medical assistance.

During the perimenopause phase, women generally may not feel comfortable, and it becomes hard to identify the cause of the symptoms for what they are or realize they have treatment options. This period is risky because women may become estrogen dominance a condition which is more dangerous compared to estrogen deficient.

Estrogen is effectively utilized when produced in a relatively average quantity which body can regulate and also when there is the production of progesterone. Estrogen hormones promote cell growth while progesterone manages this growth. Estrogen dominance is when the level of estrogen in the body exceeds body needs. Estrogen dominance is dangerous as it may promote the growth of harmful cells such as cancer cells and increases risk factors for developing conditions such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

At Renew Youth Center we give close guidance during menopause transition in a way you will not only enjoy greater freedom from symptoms but also we improve your general health. Servicing with the qualified and experienced team we consider your opinion, we understand what you are going through and we offer a solution of your choice. We prescribe personalized dosages of useful hormones such as biodentical progesterone together with the necessary menopause treatment. This helps to avoid the formation of estrogen dominance after menopause transition.

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HGGC has a unique angle that it employs in its handling of mid-market businesses to help them outshine the market. HGGC has 19 members in its team, and this includes the two co-founders Steven young and Robert Gay who are now the Managing Partner and Executive Director respectively.

Being a privately owned equity firm, based in Silicon Valley, California, HGGC specialty is in leveraged company buyouts, recapitalisations, asset financing, new acquisitions, investment banking and middle market restructuring. From healthcare to technological firms, information services, food production companies, industrial chemical manufacturing and business services, this company seeks to invest in all sectors without the prejudice of whether they are public or private companies.

One of the firm’s objectives is to build and empower businesses in the mid-market to outperform their market category by coming up with designs which combine the best of practices form both international corporations and private equity. Currently, HGGC’s target market is the USA, with plans to look into opportunities in the global business platform.

Roughly, this company invests approximately $25-$125m in mid-level market companies. The firm has made acquisition of well over 14 other organisations. RPX Corporation was the most recent having been acquired in May 2018 for half a billion US dollars. RPX current portfolio is under the HGGC Fund III. It is based in San Francisco and after its acquisition; all the existing directors were removed and replaced with Steven Young, Richard Lawson, Steven A, Leistner and David Chung. Currently, this company is considered to be the leading equity firm in mid-market with over $4 billion worth of investment commitments.

This company is known for its application of technology as a significant tool in its operations. These products include Vimeo, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Its team comprises of a dynamically talented network of professionals that have both the operational and collective deal experience. HGGC’s use of technology as an informational and functional tool gives them an edge that gives them an advantage into a more comprehensive view into trends in the mid-market that are crucial in the shaping of opportunities in the near future.

InnovaCare Health offers managed physician practice, and Medicare plans services. This health incorporates sustainable and cost-effective models with more advanced technologies to give access to affordable and high-quality healthcare through Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and other healthcare providers as well. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to overcome the challenges of health systems and offer better health care services to all citizens.

The headquarters of this health care company is located Fort Lee, New Jersey. The company is well able to provide the citizens with quality and cost-effective health services under the able leadership of Dr. Richard Shinto who is the Director, CEO, and President, and Ms. Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administration Officer.

Dr. Richard holds a medical degree and MBA from the State University of New York, Stony and Redlands University respectively. He also graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor of Science degree. Rick has also authored lots of articles on healthcare and clinical medicine. With more than two decades of operational and clinical healthcare experience, Dr. Richard is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare. Before his appointment at of InnovaCare Health, Richard was the CEO of Aveta Inc. until 2012 when it was sold. Rick has also served as the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California.

Dr. Richard began his medical occupation in Southern California where he worked as an intern and practicing pulmonologist. He also worked for Cal Optima Health initiative in Orange County as a Chief Medical Officer. From 1996 to 1997, Rick worked for Med Partners’ Medical Management as the Corporate Vice President. Before that, he served as a Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Medical Pathways Management Company.

Penelope Kokkinides holds a master’s degree in Public health, a master’s degree in social work, and a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from Columbia University, New York University, and Binghamton University respectively. Penelope Kokkinides moved to InnovaCare Health Inc. in mid-2015. She currently serves as the chief administrative officer of the company. Before her role at InnovaCare Health, Penelope worked at Aveta Inc as the chief operating officer and the vice president of Clinical Operations.

Ms. Kokkinides has many years of experience especially in the managed health care sector having served in the Medicare and Medicaid programs for more than twenty years. Previously, Penelope also worked for Touchstone Health as the (COO) chief operating officer, Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president as well as AmeriChoice as the Vice President for Disease Management and Care Management.

OSI Group McDonalds is a food processing company that has grown from grace to grace. The company was a small butcher shop at the beginning in the 19th century; however; the organization is now a widely known food processing company that is currently offering its services worldwide. Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of the company, and by working with his sons- Arthur and Harry, he was able to propel the company’s immense growth. OSI Group McDonalds is an international food provider.

At first, the butcher shop opened by Otto Kolschowsky was meant to serve the Illinois community at large. However, the business grew, and Otto Kolschowsky expanded his business into a large-scale enterprise. In 1928, Otto Kolschowsky was already working together with his sons in the family business which later came to be known as Otto & Sons. Although many food processing companies dealt with the production of meat products, the positive portfolio of Otto & Sons attracted well-paying clients such as McDonalds fast food entity.

Ray Kroc was well knowledgeable about growing a business through franchising models; he was confident that the McDonalds fast food business would grow rapidly in the years to come. Since Otto & Sons was supplying quality products to the McDonalds restaurant, their partnership progressed accordingly. However, the tremendous growth rate of the McDonalds restaurant posed a challenge to their partnership with Otto & Sons; this was because they were not able to deliver meat products to the fast food joints that were not close to their food processing plants. Otto & Sons started looking for a solution, and they came across a food preservation technique that involved keeping food in a frozen state through the use of liquid nitrogen. This discovery brought forth many opportunities since Otto & Sons was now able to transport processed food products to other states and localities.

With time, Otto & Sons transitioned into OSI Group McDonalds when the company’s executives- Arthur and Harry (Otto Kolschowsky’s sons) retired from their leadership positions. Since Sheldon Lavin was a significant player in the growth of OSI Group McDonalds in the 1970s, he was recruited as a chief executive officer.


Jeffrey Aronin is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who runs the Paragon Biosciences as the CEO. Paragon Biosciences is an investment company and a biotechnology incubator that was set up to help patients who suffer from serious and rare diseases that have no therapies to counter. The portfolio companies in Paragon Bioscience use advanced methods to come up with new therapies and medications.


Paragon Biosciences is looking for new methods of treating illnesses through innovative solutions. Although we have seen scientific efforts in our generation that succeed in creating breakthrough curative methods, Jeffrey Aronin is taking biotechnology to a whole new level.


Going beyond conventional ways of treatment


Jeffrey Aronin has an innovative mindset that enhances the medical approaches for countering related disorders. For him, one of the primary ways of coming up with treatments is going beyond the current methods. A new network of biotechnology companies has been created by Paragon Biosciences that leads researchers who are passionate about finding new treatment methods. Each company in the network hires researchers who can come up with contemporary methods for treating a set of diseases and specific rare diseases. Each company is independent, with its leadership, but they are all part of Paragon Biosciences.


Creating new medications


In the biotech world, Paragon Biosciences has already gained a particular status. The executive team of Paragon Biosciences has led their staff to fourteen innovative medicines that the FDA have approved.


Although Paragon Biosciences is in its rightful place among the top investment firms and bioscience incubators, Jeffrey Aronin is not satisfied with the FDA approval as the benchmark of the company’s success. Jeffrey Aronin also wants to fund dedicated researchers. Accordingly, Jeffrey Aronin would like to fund research plans that will help the development of new medications. His research team continuously plans on ways to find new methods of treating rare blood disorders and even CNS (central nervous system) diseases.


Jeffrey Aronin strives to look for treatment methods that can give patients longer and healthier lives; this is what drives him to push the boundaries of innovation in medicine through research continuously.

The more we give and get concerned about others in the society the more we flourish. This is the case for those individuals who have chosen to help those around them. Moreover, it is more significant for those organizations that are seeking to have a positive impact through their giving as well as charitable initiatives. Custom Companies has been able to be among those organizations that are committed to giving back to the society. Custom Companies is an organization serving in the shipping and logistics industry. The company is well-known for its focus on its clients.

Custom Companies came into existence in 1986 by Perry Mandela. The company was developed as a complete transportation organization that would meet a broad range of needs of the current shipping customer. Though the company started from a humble beginning that included two trucks, it has swiftly expanded since it was established more than 30 years ago. Currently, the equipment holdings of the company are more than 2,000 and keep enlarging to meet the ever-changing demands of its clients.

Since it was established, the company has been committed to making the lives of others better. The company’s efforts to expand its shipping capacity are tireless. In addition to this, the company is ever looking for ways of how it can use its services to better the lives of people living around it. Perry Mandela, the founder of the company, has military and public office roots, and this is what has motivated the company to give out. The company is deeply concerned with the ways it runs its operations, and this has prompted to come up with a separate arm aimed at charitable giving. (weeklyopinion)

The separate arm of the company that is devoted to charities is called Custom Cares. Through Custom Cares, the company has dedicated its efforts on initiatives that promote youth development including athletic pursuits. Up to date, Custom Companies has contributed to causes like The Jesse White Tumblers and The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Moreover, these partnerships have led to other efforts intended to help needy children as well as their families like winter coat drives.



IC System is a collection agency based just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, which has been owned by the Erickson family for 80 years. Given the fact that IC System is family-owned, the Erickson family has the privilege to run the company with morals and ethics in accordance with their family values with respect to the way in which it deals with its patients and the way in which it goes about collecting debts.

Patients who happen to have their debts transferred to IC Systems need not fret if he or she receives a call from a collection agent of the company because protocols have been set up so that its collection agents will handle calls to patients in accordance to the family values of the Erickson family and pursuant to the guidelines set out by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Specifically, collection agents’ calls are monitored and are reviewed by a separate team of IC System employees and executives to ensure that collection agents adhere to such guidelines. IC System also incentivize the values of the company by handing out the Core Value Award to employees who exhibits such values. An example of a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act guideline is that collection agencies must verify the identity of the person who they are speaking with by verifying the individual’s first and last name before a discussion of more sensitive information as to a patient’s account may be discussed. (gazetteday)

Another way an individual may encounter IC System is by finding out that IC system has appeared on the individual’s credit report. If the reporting is in errors, the individual may directly contact IC System, who will initiate an investigation to look into the matter to determine the debt’s legitimacy. Thereafter, if it is proven that it is in fact a mistake, IC System will remedy the problem in a way that the individual will find to be satisfying.


In the past remaining healthy was a very relatively hard thing to do for people. We had less information about the world around us and let’s technology Enlighten us as well. the last 100 years or so we have made incredible Innovations in the health field that have benefited us tremendously. we have vaccines and knowledge of microscopic problems that we can cure with antibiotics and soap. In a good place as far as health goals. there is more however for us to do as there are many other debilitating diseases with no cure or release at all for those who suffer from them. we are all working together to find these cures including several companies. One of these companies is Marathon Pharmaceuticals who is doing its best to help us defeat some of the most debilitating sickness is out there.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is United States based biopharmaceutical company That focuses on the rarest diseases or sicknesses out there. They choose to focus on patients and people who have no treatment options or release from their disabilities. the company works is very hard to do this and have had incredible results so far. recently approved by the FDA and receive the Boost and support in 2017. they developed a drug to combat muscular dystrophy That has been cleared to go on the market. they have other drugs that they are looking to get FDA approved of the next five to six years or so. the company has a lot of support and they truly believe in themselves as they go for it.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals also wants to help with better improvements on current medical technology. their recently developed a new way to give injections to patients. they created the single which is a handheld single-use device that is used for injections but is painless unlike a needle. This is for those who may get nervous or anxious during injections or for children who made be scared of shots. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is truly on the path of improving The Life and Times of the people and that is one noteworthy sentiment.



Perry Mandera is dedicated to his position as CEO for The Custom Companies. His day starts early and ends late as he insists that he only needs around 4 hours of sleep a night to function as well as he does. Many people don’t believe Perry Mandera that he needs so little rest, but his success in business makes is all the evidence that most people should need. (medium)


In business and in life, Perry Mandera believes in taking chances in a strategic manner. While remaining conservative may keep your business “safe”, it makes it difficult for it to grow. There is no reward without a certain degree of risk. It’s important to stay ahead of your competition by taking chances that they may not have considered or chosen.


While overall Perry Mandera has seen a lot of success in business, he has made some bad choices. Thankfully, he has managed to bounce back from them. After making a bad investment in a company that failed, Perry Mandera and his team did their best to retain as many employees and customers as possible. He learned from this that it is better to not make a deal rather than making a bad one.


Philanthropy is an important part of the life of Perry Mandera and he participates in many different efforts. From paying for the dinner of veterans to creating his own organization, Custom Care Charities. Every year around the holidays, Perry Mandera asks his employees if they knew anyone who could benefit from assistance. Perry Mandera takes pride in being able to help ease the stress of families during the holiday season. The former Marine has a special place in his heart for veterans as well as children.


The technology in the shipping and logistics industry is always changing. Perry Mandera is excited to be able to integrate this technology into The Custom Companies. While some of the software that is used at The Custom Companies is imported, a lot of it is homegrown to meet their needs as well as possible. It’s important to keep up with technology in order to stay ahead of the game.



After beginning with a small business making cartons, Roberto Santiago in a single step grew into an entrepreneur of impressive stature. Building a massive shopping center required that Roberto used the lessons obtained from his original business venture. Since that business was regarded as a success, he had the confidence to aspire towards something greater. That something greater turned into the colossal Manaira Shopping Mall. Situated at the capital of João Pessoa in the Brazilian state of Paraíba, the Mall is a rare development. It literally has something for everyone, Manaira is more than just a shopping mall, it offers a combination of leisure activities, food and serves as an entertainment hub.


In 1989, when construction started, no one except, Roberto Santiago had a sense of what the Manaira Mall would become. The mall was built in his hometown, Roberto was born in 1958 and grew up in João Pessoa. Since Brazil is his primary residence, he never desired to live anywhere else. After attending Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of João Pessoa, Roberto Santiago immediately put his college education to work. He applied his degrees by developing a string of businesses in succession. Besides the carton manufacturing company, he also started selling gift items and created a home utilities company.


Since, its inception the Manaira Mall has developed into a focal point of daily life for Brazilians. There have been several upgrades and new buildings added throughout the years. One of the most significant additions was the entertainment complex, Domus Hall. At sunset, the hall transforms into a central concert home, it has hosted several headlining music festivals. It’s not just exclusive to native Brazilians, Domus Hall welcomed several internationally recognized recording artists. And the hall is available as a rental venue for private events.


Roberto Santiago acted on his visionary curiosity, to create a superior complex for shopping and entertainment. He continually strives to make the mall better and in the area of convenience Roberto also added an art college and a state-of-the-art cinema, complete with the latest innovations in sound and movie picture quality.