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Lime Crime launched in the year of 2008, and has grown tremendously over the years. All of the products are cruelty free and also certified vegan. This means that these products are not tested on animals, and they do not include animal ingredients or byproducts. The creator, Doe Deere, has a passion and love for animals and others. She made the mascot of Lime Crime a unicorn. She chose a unicorn to represent creativity and the individuality of others. She wants others to be able to express themselves through fashion and makeup. Therefor, she makes sure that her products are the best they can be.

LimeCrime was launched in the year of 2008, and has grown tremendously since. This makeup brand is unique and fun for everyone to enjoy. It features the most creative colors and names of products in the makeup industry. Doe Deere always had a love for bold and vibrant colored makeup, so she decided to make her own, and in doing so, Lime Crime was invented. But Doe wanted to make her products unique, so she added a mixture of her passion for fantasies and makeup together.

Lime Crime features several different products that are fun for everyone to try. It features, metallic lipstick, matte lipstick, nail polish, highlighter, several different eye shadow pallets, different colored loose pigments, diamond crushers, unicorn lipstick, pop on nails, and makeup bushes. One of Lime Crimes newest features is the semi permanent hair dye they have added to the craze. There are several different shades of color to choose from. They vary from green, pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, and so many more. There is about any kind of color you could think of.

Doe is known as the “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry. Lime Crime truly is a unique and fun makeup line, and Doe claims that she is planning on furthering her dreams and fantasies and pouring it out into her work.