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For a long time, many people have been having challenges in finding partners. Things are changing and with technology, finding right partners has become easy. Many datingapps have been developed, but Bumble is growing at a high rate. Bumble is a dating app that was found by Whitney Wolfe to assist people in finding lovers as well as friends. The app gives women the opportunity to make the first move by starting a conversation.

Whitney whole has made sure that the dating app is getting subscribers now and then. She has ensured that the app is well advertised and making sure clients are getting partners of their taste. She has invested heavily in developing the app and making it more secure. Currently, the dating app has over 22 million users which is a good number considering it was found in 2014. Bumble has employed around 70 employees, and it is based in Austin, Texas. The company revenues are increasing every year, and this year they are expected to surpass $100 million.

Whitney Wolfe has ensured that the dating app is improved to meet clients’ needs. With Bumble BFF, clients have a chance to get friends via the app. She decided to give those people looking for friends a chance to use the app and get friends of their choice. One just needs to switch to the BBF mode and start a conversation with the person they want to share friendship. On top of that, Bumble has launched Bumble Bizz. This feature is designed for mentoring as well as professional networking. With Bumble Bizz users can add verified digital resumes, photos, examples of their work and skill they have. To know more click here.

In recent times, many companies have been approaching Whitney Wolfe with the intention of buying Bumble. She declined and said that Bumble would continue serving their clients while targeting more. Match Group offered $450 million to purchase Bumble, but Whitney turned down the offer. She said that she had invested heavily and her goal is to see Bumble become the leading dating app worldwide.

Whitney has been able to offer excellent leadership at Bumble as a result of experience and education. In her education, she majored in International Studies at Southern Methodist University. Recently she got married to Michael Herd and had a beautiful wedding which was held in Positano along the Amalfi coast. The wedding was one of a kind, and she felt great and honored to have such a wedding. The environment, food as well as drinks made the occasion memorable.

It should be a joy to parents to be able to partake in their child’s life and be interactive with their schooling. In many cases this is difficult because parents, of course, need to be working and having other commitments in life. This is why in most cases parents are not able to spend enough time with their children, especially when it comes to their schoolwork and activities. Class Dojo is a company that is trying to change this. They have developed and released a platform for improving the communication between parents, teachers, and students, that will hopefully help improve the quality of education students receive as well as improve school environments around the world. Class Dojo’s app links all parties together so they can be connected and communicate at all times.

One of Clas Dojo’s developers, Liam Don, stated that he hoped to revolutionize the relationships in schools between parents, teachers, and students. With their platform, students are able to share and save the fun moments that happen during school and in the classroom with the school story board. Also, no longer will parents have to schedule parent teacher conferences or work in times to make a phone call, as the app allows for instant and direct communication between parent and instructor. This has teachers all over in love with the program, many stating that is is vaslty improving the experience around school. Teachers are capable of sharing pictures, videos, notes, and more through the app for anyone who is participating in the class to see. Both teachers and parents are able to check in on students and offer feedback and encouragement as well as see their overall progress daily.

Class Dojo was launched in 2011 and has since been growing and finding new places to help improve with their educational platform. In a relatively short amount of time they’ve managed to find a lot of success and happy customers for their program, with many teachers and parents delighted with the features. Parents are even able to see how their kids are behaving in school at the touch of a virtual button.

Class Dojo has become widely popular in US schools, with statistics showing that more than two thirds of all united states schooling institutions are using the platform to some degree. It is Class Dojo’s passion to make this number grow and spread their reach around the world.

When it comes to successful and growing online marketing platforms in the world, Talk Fusion has become one of the popular choices. This company is well known for its amazing video marketing plans and continues to rake in big accolades. Recently, Talk Fusion received an honorary award for the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year. This award is given yearly by Technology Marketing Corporation in recognition of firms that offer exceptional services and products that facilitate data, video communications and voice. Additionally, the award is given basing on the growth and improvements done on video communications, voice and data within the past twelve months.

Talk Fusion Video Chat

This video chat product allows users to connect with their friends and loved ones face to face provided one uses an integrated device such as a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone. Talk Fusion Video Chat is powered by WebRTC technology and it is available in the Google Play and iTunes stores. The 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award is the second award Talk Fusion has received this year and this clearly demonstrates the company’s continued momentum to provide customers with cutting edge technological solutions. This video chat product was officially launched in the market in March 2016.

According to Bob Reina who is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, the video chat product is just the new beginning of great innovations by Talk Fusion. The company’s IT team is committed and dedicated to provide all-in one video marketing solution to clients. Furthermore, the company has other big plans to ensure it maintains the top position in the curve. This achievement is viewed by Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion as a clear confirmation of bigger goals to come. He refers to it as a testament of the inventiveness and efficiency of Talk Fusion IT team.


Talk Fusion is the home to world class video marketing solutions. This firm is dedicated to assisting business increase profits and sales as well as stand out from stiff market competition. Talk Fusion provides dynamic ways aimed at making marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive with video.

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Talk Fusion is an example of a company that rises to success in a very quick manner. It has only been in business for a few weeks and is already number 1 in Indonesia. The reasons behind its popularity are obvious. Video Chat works at a very fast rate and is compatible with any device from Android, or any other company or operating system. The product also has a high quality of video imaging. It also can be used for communicating with people all throughout the world. These features is what makes Talk Fusion one of the most popular platforms to use for communication.

In order to capitalize on its success, Talk Fusion is looking for more ways to speed up its momentum. Among the offers it is considering giving to people is the 30 day Free Trial for various products and services that are being offered.

The products of Talk Fusion are available in well over 140 countries. They are marketed from person to person as well as in different forms of media. They also work towards giving back to the communities and families that support the company and the products as well as services it provides. Talk Fusion is also dedicated to providing some of the best ethics in business and work.

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This article recapped

Oisin, the founder of Handy, a professional cleaners, and handymen booking site started on political content then went to real estate, then to on-demand taxi service. Handy was born when he moved to Harvard to do his MBA. He and a friend that was living under the same roof decided to pursue the handy concept and dropped out of school in the second year.

After he opened the start up in New York, he has been growing in giving on demand services to the market. Over years, a lot other similar companies have come into the limelight. However, Handy is unperturbed by growing completion as it has created a long list of loyal customers.

Balancing between the customers and contractors

Handy has about 160 employees and around 100- thousand contractors. In this case, the company has to seek for ways to satisfy both the clients and the contractors that are not its employees. Thus, the company gives professionals the flexibility to earn some more cash. For clients, it is all about having a reliable handyman or cleaner hat they can hire at a specific time of the day. There has always been the need for such services with many customers worried about the reliability and quality of work done.

Experimental services

Over eighty percent of the business comes from cleaners and the rest from handymen. Handy plans to sell furniture through third party dealers and offer to pick the furniture, deliver, and assemble it at the client’s home or office.

Hiring is the main line of business for Handy. Thus, it plans to invest in that line over the next half a year. Oisin says that he has no plans to make contractors his employees but will continue to offer flexibility and access to new markets to all the contractors on board. Handy offer cleaning services, handyman services, plumbing and interior painting among other services.