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The mobile industry is one industry that requires expansion. FreedomPop is an example of a business that is so successful due to all of the ideas and the execution of its ideas which include expansion. FreedomPop offers its customers free services with the option to upgrade to paid service where they get more data and texting. The prices of each offer are very low compared to the pricing offer by other carriers.

An article released by RCR Wireless talks about the expansion plan of FreedomPop among other issues in the mobile industry like the FCC leveling Verizon Wireless fees. FreedomPop has recently gained tens of millions in money in order to help out with the plans in expansion so that the company can also remain independent as a business. FreedomPop has proven that it has the ability to compete and make sensible plans for the future. With the expansion into other markets and even a new smartphone on the way, the MVNO company is showing a lot of promise for its future.

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