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Brad Reifler has recently announced an Easter Seals Dixon Center partnership on the last day of February. this partnership is to include a donation of $3 millions in funding. Brad Reifler has chosen to form a partnership with the Dixon Center because of the impact it has made towards veteran’s lives for the better. They have also helped out families of military servicemen. One thing they did is to help them see opportunities for changes to their lives. Brad Reifler also notices the efforts made to connect veterans with solutions that can be easily accessed so that they can live a more productive life.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor. He has held this position for years. Therefore, he understands the freedom, potential, challenges, and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur. He has been successful with plenty of different U.S. based companies. However, he has had to work his way to the top ladder. He has taken his experiences and used it to found a successful under he name of Forefront Capital LLC. However, this is not the first company that he has started. He has ran another successful company that was a large part of his career.

In the 1980s, Wikipedia showed that Brad Reifler has founded the Reifler Trading Company. With this firm, he has held and looked over millions of dollars in accounts. He has eventually expanded the use of his company for institutional research, execution services and information dissemination. He has expanded his company to become a very large independent futures operations. He eventually sold the company to Refco in 2000.

Among the things that veterans will get include caregiver training services, job training, education, health & Wellness, and plenty of other programs.  There’s more information on Brad Reifler on his Twitter, but he’s also available on which has great career information.

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  1. The partner ship of his current company, Forefront Capital with Easter Seals Dixon Center, there will be plenty of positive changes and opportunities for people who have served in the military as well as their families. That has greatly improved the way has obtained the feat and it will be a really cool thing for them.

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