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The Seal Award is a global organization that recognizes environmental leadership. SEAL stands for Sustainability, Environmental Achievement, and Leadership. they honor companies that are leading the way to fight climate change. Past winners include Impossible Foods, Samsung, Apple, Patagonia, and Seventh Generation.

Jingdong, the operator of the Chinese e-retailer site, is the latest company that they has received a SEAL Business Sustainability Award. They showed how committed they are to both being environmentally responsible as well as socially responsible. Their Corporate Responsibility Program (CSR) has been having a large impact in reducing pollution in China and lifting up society.

This CSR was put into place five years ago and has successfully galvanized the entire company. The CSR team has implemented a number of programs that have reduced Jingdong’s footprint ranging from how they create products, how they are packaged, as well as how they are sold and delivered. They are making long lasting and sustainable improvements in both the environment and on Chinese society.’s Head of Corporate and Social Responsibility Libo Ma said that his company was honored that they had been recognized with the SEAL Award. His company is dedicated to building a sustainable platform, he said, which would help to protect the environment and help to bring people out of poverty. Everybody at Jingdong recognizes their responsibility to the rest of society and do what they can to improve it.’s supply chain is now able to deliver packages to 99 percent of China’s population. They have 500 plus warehouses around China and can deliver packages source from both these as well as their offline partners. Jingdong was founded in 1998 and is now on the list of the Fortune Global 500. Their founder was businessman Richard Liu who spent RMB 12,000 of his own money in order to establish a small retail business in Zhongguancun which is Beijing’s hub of technology.

They transitioned to offering products online in 2003 after the SARS outbreak. In 2007 they established their logistics network with the goal of being able to deliver products across all of mainland China and its one billion inhabitants.Click here

OSI Group McDonalds is a food processing company that has grown from grace to grace. The company was a small butcher shop at the beginning in the 19th century; however; the organization is now a widely known food processing company that is currently offering its services worldwide. Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of the company, and by working with his sons- Arthur and Harry, he was able to propel the company’s immense growth. OSI Group McDonalds is an international food provider.

At first, the butcher shop opened by Otto Kolschowsky was meant to serve the Illinois community at large. However, the business grew, and Otto Kolschowsky expanded his business into a large-scale enterprise. In 1928, Otto Kolschowsky was already working together with his sons in the family business which later came to be known as Otto & Sons. Although many food processing companies dealt with the production of meat products, the positive portfolio of Otto & Sons attracted well-paying clients such as McDonalds fast food entity.

Ray Kroc was well knowledgeable about growing a business through franchising models; he was confident that the McDonalds fast food business would grow rapidly in the years to come. Since Otto & Sons was supplying quality products to the McDonalds restaurant, their partnership progressed accordingly. However, the tremendous growth rate of the McDonalds restaurant posed a challenge to their partnership with Otto & Sons; this was because they were not able to deliver meat products to the fast food joints that were not close to their food processing plants. Otto & Sons started looking for a solution, and they came across a food preservation technique that involved keeping food in a frozen state through the use of liquid nitrogen. This discovery brought forth many opportunities since Otto & Sons was now able to transport processed food products to other states and localities.

With time, Otto & Sons transitioned into OSI Group McDonalds when the company’s executives- Arthur and Harry (Otto Kolschowsky’s sons) retired from their leadership positions. Since Sheldon Lavin was a significant player in the growth of OSI Group McDonalds in the 1970s, he was recruited as a chief executive officer.


Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for a good portion of his life and helped to make many people there a lot of money. All of that changed when he became worn out and tired of helping rich people become richer. In 2008, when the stock market crashed, he watched on as countless people lost everything. While this took place, hedge fund managers and other Wall Street workers were raking in the bucks from their clients.

The excess and greed of Wall Street eventually were too much for Paul Mampilly to handle, and he made his exit in order to become the man he always wanted to be. Today, he works with the little guy and all of the other American investors who need someone with his knowledge and expertise. Mampilly is the editor and writer of his own newsletter that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He also started up his own subscription service he calls the Professional Speculator.

Paul Mampilly learned how to invest by working as a hedge fund manager for different companies. He worked with Kinetics Asset Management and was able to raise billions of dollars for its hedge fund. Mampilly also took part in a competition that was ran by the John Templeton Foundation where he grew a fund by more than 75% during a recession.

Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter is being read by more than 60,000 people. He updates his newsletter on a weekly basis and works with a model portfolio that he shares with readers. Mampilly has admitted that he has read over 1000 different books over his lifetime and that he has invested a great deal in understanding the way that the stock market works. He is expecting the millennial generation to take over the market soon and has been letting investors know about this coming change. While many other investors aim to make as much money as they can at whatever cost, Paul Mampilly is a man of principles. It is his hope that he will be able to lift many people out of the economic position they are in now.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar attended medical school at the University of Michigan Medical School and then attended the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers for his plastic surgery residency. He is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also licensed in the states of Texas, Michigan and New York. His specialties include Plastic Surgery and General Plastic Surgeries. He has been in medical practice between 11-20 years and he is affiliated with multiple hospitals, including Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center.

Patience’ experiences can be very helpful when choosing a doctor and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’ patients love him. U.S. News publishes ratings of patient’s experiences from Binary Fountain. The Binary Fountain collects reviews of patients from over a hundred sites to collect information about 10 different patient experience metrics. The ratings of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s patient experience ratings are based upon thoroughness of examinations, clarity of instructions and the ability to answer questions.

The repair or replacement of skin tissues, other tissues or bone is the definition of Plastic Surgery. Craniofacial or surgery on the face or hand reconstructive surgery are just two examples of what types of surgery that plastic surgeons can perform for the community. However, a further look at more futuristic approaches of why Plastic Surgeons are more popular today. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s professional skills allows him to perform surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Reconstructions, Body Sculpting, and Buttocks Augmentations. They also teach us how to temporarily beat the aging process by injectable fillers, proper skin care and laser treatments.

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There are many freelancers who achieve tremendous success while there are many others who are not able to achieve any success. The difference in the quality of work they provide and how organized they are. One of the key ingredients of becoming successful as a freelancer is that they should keep a to-do list with them and update it frequently. Having a to-do list would ensure that they are managing time properly and not keeping any work pending. There is a need for people to be more professional when they are working as a freelancer.

Upwork is one of the only platforms online with nearly twenty million active users, which includes over five million clients and twelve million freelancers. Upwork said in one of its blogs that freelancers who are maintaining a to-do list would be able to complete their work on time, can manage time more efficiently, and are able to get more clients. Always make sure to write down things to do a day before at night, so that you are able to make the most of your time the next day. Freelancers should also make use of the advanced technology and have applications of to-do list on their phone. It would keep their tasks synchronized and can be accessed remotely as well. But, one has to ensure that they create just one to-do list and not make multiple to-do lists as it can leave you confused as to which one you have been following.

A well-made to-do list can help freelancers from forgetting tasks that are essential. They can also prioritize their work depending on when they are due. Also, it is crucial for freelancers not to waste time on tasks that can be done by other freelancers. It will allow them to concentrate on work that is high paying.

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Victoria Doramus was once a struggling addict and after going through it all seeks to help others in her spare time and give advice to them. Although she helps humans; she also assists animals, as per One of the organizations that she supports is the Best Friend’s Animal Society according to the article from the Patch. Their mission is to end the injustices and harm committed at animal shelters. They believe that they can save all the animals and use programs and partner with others to do just that. In the past, animals were regularly killed at animal shelters and that is how organizations such as Best Friend’s arrived. The organization started off taking animals and taking care of them. After some time, they were healthy and were given to loving families who truly wanted them.

What would form would be the nonprofit organization Best Friends Animal Society. The other animals who did not find families would stay with them. Doramus supports the organizations as she believes no animals deserve to be killed and that one day, it will not continue to happen. Both the organization and Victoria Doramus hope that it will happen. The Best Friend’s Animal Society has already been able to save over a thousand animals and they have helped many injured ones get their lives back in order and off to a fresh start. The article goes into comparing humans to animals and how we are not that much different than people seem. At the organization, they hold an array of different events such as “adoption events, fundraising drives, public education campaigns,” and more. By working as a group and collaborating with others they can save many animals. Anyone can make a donation to the Best Friend’s Animal Society. With the donations, they can help many more animals seek a better life and give them to other loving families. People can also choose to volunteer at events in New York City.

Investments at the right time can make a lot of difference in the quality of life you lead. For people who want to make sure that their lives are not affected due to lack of funds, investing in the productive investment and financial instruments is necessary. Freedom Checks is one of the financial tools you can access by investing in the master limited partnerships. As per the U.S. financial regulations, the MLP companies are required to share their profits with the shareholders. However, it is crucial to know which of these companies as Checks are profitable as you would only get the share of the profits.

Matt Badiali, world-renowned geologist and a financial analyst has many years of experience in the business and has helped many companies understand the dynamics of the market. The inputs provided by Matt Badiali are highly insightful information and helps the geology and mining companies make an informed decision. Matt Badiali has used his years of experience to do analysis and find out about the MLP companies that can help you earn profits. Investing in these companies will allow you to reach your goals and improve your quality of life. Investing in the MLP companies would help you get Freedom Checks regularly as per Matt Badiali, and he likes to refer to checks the investors receive as Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali believes that people need to invest carefully and after doing proper research. If you haven’t researched before investing, rest assured that you are at risk of losing a considerable amount of money. Losing money due to poor investment is, unfortunately, a common occurrence for the majority of the population. Make sure to educate yourself about the financial markets to be able to invest smartly. Follow renowned analysts such as Matt Badiali is a good investment idea as it would help you know the tricks and the tips of how to invest in this otherwise volatile financial market.Matt Badiali is also the senior editor at Banyan Publishing Hill and is a financial expert that thousands of people count on. If you want to learn more about Freedom Checks, subscribing to the newsletters edited by Matt would help you achieve your financial goals.


Fortress Investment Group is an organization that every player in the financial and investment market needs to be proud of due to the efforts that it has put in place to ensure that the operations of the industry are done with diligence and integrity. The company, under the leadership of its CEOs, Peter Briger, Wesly Edens, and Nardone Randal, has portrayed a lot of efficiency in matters regarding customer service. The principals of Fortress Investment Group ensure that the company delivers services to its customers with all the efforts and diligence that the employees can afford so that they can ensure that the customers are satisfied.

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, Fortress Investment Group has put in place some initiatives that the employees use as guidelines for their duty to make the customers happy. One of the actions is to ensure that the employees of the company are motivated to do their work. The management does everything within its reach to ensure that the employees of the firm remain motivated so that they can focus on achieving the goals of the organization. One of the ways by which Fortress Group motivates its members of staff is by providing them with a conducive environment to perform their tasks. The company has allowed the employees enough freedom to conduct their operations in the firm, which has significantly contributed to the increase in the production of the company.

Employees’ motivation has been at the top of the list of the strategies that the leadership of Fortress Investment Group has been trying to implement in the organization. They understand that without the efforts and willingness of the staff members of an organization, it is always doomed to fail. Another strategy that Fortress Group is using to prosper is the adoption and effective management of mergers and acquisition. This company has hired experts who have been in the management of these transactions for years. This gives it the aptitude to acquire other organizations and utilize those opportunities to benefit the company. One of the mega-acquisitions that Fortress Investment Group made was in 2006 when it purchased a Canadian company, Intrawest. This acquisition was applauded all over the industry since it impacted significantly on the managed assets of Fortress Group.

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Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. it requires a very specific idea of what you want to do in the sources and resources to carry that plan out. Usually when a company first starts it will get a loan from a bank or other entity to give it the capital it needs to do things. Sometimes this leads to problems as loans as are given based off a person’s credit. This is a barrier to entry to the market that many companies run into. Equities First Holdings is a alternative lending entity that is giving more options to lenders. They give out loans based off of stocks rather than credit. This is another way for companies to flourish. Now it is easier than ever to start your own business and to have the funds that you need. Equities First Holdings and its leaders did this exclusively for business for business owners.

GoBuySide is situated in New York City and serves to help Fortune 500 organizations, flexible investments, and institutional firms to discover top workers via a special screening techniques and software. They have 400 long-standing customers from everywhere throughout the world and have served more than 10,000 organizations worldwide; They have an extraordinary reputation to back up their work. Overwhelmingly situated in America, they also have bases throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East in Dubai, all across Asia, and also in India. Ordinarily they can produce top workers to private companies in finance within about fourteen days, while different companies may take up to two months do this similarly. Read more at Daily Forex Report about GoBuyside.

One of the patterns that Gobuyside has been finding amongst prospectively skilled employees is that numerous individuals are beginning to telecommute to work, and this is proving to become very reliable. Up to 25% now telecommute according to a 2015 recent report. The explanation behind this is very basic: Laborers that are more happy and more agreeable in their own space, and can thus deliver their best quality of work and services when compared to the individuals who are forced to work under the weight of “office politics” and cubicles. Read this article at

Thus as an outcome, bosses are finding out that expanded profitability stems from the nature of working from home and telecommuters found by Gobuyside. The company harnesses innovation in screening technology to create a better reality for companies and agencies looking for top talent. It appears that project-based workers are more adaptable and can chip away at various jobs for different organizations as opposed to being focused on only one organization for an extensive stretch of time. With a repuation as stellar as GoBuySide’s, it’s no longer a question of “Are they the best?”, but rather a matter of looking at their track record and testimonials to see the results that they have produced.