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No matter the size of the business or the type of product, whether it be small, medium or large or whether work is done from home or at the office, Talk Fusion application suite is the right one size fits all solution. There are to fundamental things all business’s require. The first is customer and the second is marketing. Without those 2 fundamentals all business would fail. For those customers looking to boost their business in a dramatic way are hard pressed not to take a look at Talk Fusion and their offerings. All business’s strive to improve their sales and multiply their profits and what better way to do that then using video technology.

The key to long term business success is to retain customers and have them come back to the product or service more frequently. To put the cherry on top, all business’s want those customers to refer other customer to the product or service and all these points can be achieved with Talk Fusion. This suite allows all users to become competitive within their market place as well as becoming a significant jet setter. This all in one package for success is easy to use and can be used by any computer skill level. No longer does the customer require in depth design or recording talents. By simply tapping into existing hardware alongside the software, the customer can communicate via video on a global network. All browser capable smartphones with a built in camera can use the Talk Fusion application suite and not require updates or plugin software.

The founder of this business is the entrepreneur, Bob Reina. Bob Reina has had years of experience in similar marketing platform and has made a great success out of everything he did. This was due to his consistent hard work and innovative thinking which has led him to this point in time. He is one of the most motivating leaders and is always concerned with the success of others. Talk Fusion is the best video communication.

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When it comes to travel most would agree that traveling light is key. However, just because we have to forego having a variety of clothing apparel on hand doesn’t mean we have to forego on beauty products. In a recent episode, Wengie shows her viewers how to establish a simple yet effective skincare routine when they are away from home. Her tips and tricks allow skincare enthusiasts to put their best face forward wherever their adventures take them.

Bringing along quality skin and makeup containers doesn’t have to weigh down the entire suitcase. Wengie demonstrates how to efficiently pack important products that can be easily accessed on a trip. The Asian-Australian beauty also shows us how preparing cleansing kits prior to leaving for a trip can be favorable for travel; these plastic baggies are lightweight and convenient to use when away from home.

Wengie also stresses the importance of toting along a trusty container of sunscreen and to never skimp on it when going through the morning skincare routine. In fact, this product is especially essential when traveling since more time is spent outdoors exploring new surroundings and seeing the sights.

An unfortunate reality is that traveling can be tough on our skin. Between changes of climate, dry air found on air planes, tour buses or in air-conditioned hotel rooms, our skin can take a beating from these unseen elements. Thus, Wengie encourages travelers to make use of a hydrating “animal” skin mask. Not only does this soothing product help rejuvenate skin cells on the face, but upon being applied it provides instant relaxation. Whether on a trip that has a jam-packed itinerary or one that is more leisurely, we all can use that extra moment to take care of our skin and pamper ourselves!


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Marc Sparks is a highly creative businessman and good old boy from the Lone Star State. Although he is currently based in Dallas Texas, Marc sparks grew up in Austin. Although he never showed much promise academically in high school, Mark proved them all wrong later in life as he built an ever expanding business empire in private equity, marketing and even telecommunications.

Although Marc Sparks was fabulously successful financially, he never forgot those who are less fortunate. With the help of Lynne Spiora, Marc founded a number of compassionate charitable projects all over his native state. His experiences in philanthropy have motivated him to enable and empower others with his same commitment to good works. Thus, Marc and Lynne have undertaken a new project: Spark Tank. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

Spark Tank will allow social entrepreneurs to pursue their goals for making the world a better place by providing funding and accountability oversight in management. Applicants will present a 10 minute speech to a panel laying out their project, much in the style of the popular television program Shark Tank. Those interested must apply before July, 15. applicants should expect to give presentations in August. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

There are a number of requirements for applicants. Applicants must be a 501c3 organization with a minimum of two years history. Human services, animal services, and the arts are all eligible to apply.

National charities, United Way charities, political action committees (PACs) and faith based initiatives ARE NOT eligible. Faith based initiatives for nonreligious purposes ARE eligible.

If this sounds interesting see for yourself. Marc Sparks and Lynne are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to work hard.

According to this study, consumers are greatly influenced by the easily accessed reviews that are present on Google and other popular search engines for reviews. This is both good and bad news for companies who are trying to grow business.

According to the study, users predominantly view just the first page reviews and the search results of the term they searched. This means that it is very important for a company to make sure that the most positive reviews for their company are the most immediately visible ones. Otherwise, if your most positive reviews are buried in the third or fourth page of search results, customers are more likely to never see these reviews.

In addition to positive reviews, negative reviews have an equal or more potent impact on a company. Further, if you have four or more visible negative reviews, you will lose approximately 70% of your clients!

Smaller companies may be asking what are the most important sites to capitalize on positive reviews, and according to the study, most users gather information from Google search, as opposed to other popular reviewing websites such as Yelp! or TripAdvisor. The next most popular destination for trusted reviews is, if applicable, Amazon.

This should be enough to persuade small businesses that it is vital to maintain positive reviews on the most popular review platforms, Google+ and Amazon, especially because more than half of the participants said online reviews were vital to their purchasing decision.



Why does Analyst Igor Cornelsen think Brazil is a better investment?

“German Industry”

According to compiled “,” Germany had a 2015 GDP of $3.85 trillion, growth rate of 1.6% and population of 81 million. Germany is rather dense with 232 people per square kilometer, a median age of 46.5 years old and rural population of 25%. The German birth rate was 9 per 1,000 and its death rate was 11 per 1,000. Source:

The life expectancy for a German was 81 years at birth. The infant mortality rate was 3.1 per 1,000 live births. 86% of Germans used the Internet.

“Brazilian Commodities”

The very same “,” listed a 2015 GDP for Brazil of $2.35 trillion, growth rate of 0.14% and population of 206 million. Brazil is rather sparse with 25 people per square kilometer, a median age of 31.1 years old and rural population of 15%. The Brazil birth rate was 15 per 1,000 and its death rate was 6 per 1,000.

The infant mortality rate was 14.6 per 1,000 live births. 58% of Brazilians used the Internet.

“Brazilian Future is Bright”

Brazilian Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen loves his country with good reason. Based on the aforementioned figures, Brazil has a great future, which Igor Cornelsen reiterated during his CNBC interview. The rural statistics may startle some, who think Brazil is primarily an agricultural nation; Germany actually has a higher rural population than Brazil according to Igor Cornelsen.

As Brazil continues to industrialize, it will suffer through aches and pains. Mr. Cornelsen can identify the best ways to invest on the ground floor, before Brazil takes off.


A lawyer is very important when you are dealing with legal matters that need to be sorted out urgently. There are very many reasons why people work with lawyers. For instance, you may just hire a lawyer to help you go through a document and tell you what liabilities you have under the agreement. You may also look for a lawyer in instances where you have been sued by another person. Whatever the reason for hiring the services of a lawyer, you need to make a sound decision otherwise it would simply be a waste of time and money.


If you are a New York City resident, you may have heard of Ross Abelow. Abelow is a lawyer who graduated from the Brooklyn Law School and practiced law for a number of years now. He is not only recognized for his legal services but also his membership to various legal bodies. Ross is also a writer and he owns a blog where he shares his views in legal issues.


When you need a lawyer to help you sort out your matrimonial issues, Abelow is the go-to lawyer.  Where they want to go through the divorce process in court, he also represents them to facilitate the process. Part of his advice entails how to distribute their assets during divorce, how to maintain their children as well as issues to do with child custody.


As a succession lawyer, Abelow advises his clients on the need to have a valid will before they die. This not only makes it easier for their loved ones to discharge their wishes but it also helps reduce stress on their part.


Abelow is also a commercial and entertainment lawyer who deals with clients with varying needs. Not only does he work with entertainers but also celebrities. They could come to him for advice on how to sign deals and get the most out of their businesses the legal way.


Apart from his law practice, Abelow also loves to do community service. He is the man behind the Go Fund Me campaign that raised money for animal shelters in order to help them accommodate more homeless animals in New York City. The initiative helped buy food, medicine and bedding for the animal shelters.

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Launch Of GoFundMe Campaign By Ross Abelow Benefits Strays

There are a lot of reputation problems that people are not able to deal with, and it is very hard for them to do this work on their own. Status Labs is one of the companies that makes sure that people feel better about their reputation online, and these companies have a way of making something that was really negative really positive.


The negative situations that people get into are hard to fix, but they can be solved by companies like Status Labs that are working every day on plans that will make it easier for these problems to go away. They have to make sure that there is more positive news out there, and the only way to do that is to make sure that all the aspects of the negative press are covered.


The companies like Status Labs are going to come out with a lot of different ways that they can help their customers, and they are going to start creating content that is going to make the client look better. They are going to be able to keep doing this until they have seen a real change, and they are going to see if they can make changes that are going to be easy for the client to see.


Someone who has been hit online with a major reputation problem needs to make sure that they are going to go to a public relations company like Status Labs for help. They will get a lot of help from these companies to make their companies look more positive, and they will be able to ask these companies how they think they can make the changes that need to be made. The changes are going to be lasting, and they are going to alter the image of the client to make sure that everyone sees the difference online.

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Compliance officers’ job has been around for a short time, and not many know about it. However, this profession is growing at an increasing rate. The work of a compliance officer is to enforce compliance programs pragmatically. This aims at preventing, finding, and fixing ethical and regulatory issues with the help of tools such as audits, education risk assessment, and investigations. This profession has grown from zero to thousands of compliance officers for over 20 years each with different functions.

The demand for compliance officers is intended to rise with more and more state and federal rules being effected on businesses. Compliance is one of the most rapidly growing career paths in the world. Executing the day-to-day compliance involves not only abiding by federal and state rules but also following keenly the internal controls. The rules followed by compliance officers are considered punitive by many and are said to be made-up rules. However, that is not the case as there are set controls and regulations guiding a compliance officer.

Compliance officers primarily help a company in ensuring the employees follow the company’s rules to avoid punitive measures being undertaken. A prospecting compliance officer requires people skills and technical skills in addition to being able to influence a company’s leadership. Problems pile up in a company due to lack of an influential person in the management. Several universities have incorporated a formal degree program targeting potential compliance officers. The growth in regulating controls and the need for enforcement have led to significant growth in this sector.

This profession has experienced significant growth both locally and internationally. There are very successful compliance officers out there all with excellent qualifications. One outstanding compliance officer is Helane Morrison, who is a lawyer. Ms. Morrison is the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Ms. Helane is also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

About Helane

Helane had been directing enforcement programs of the Securities and Exchange Commission before joining the Hall Capital Partners LLC as a Regional Director. As a Regional Manager for Securities and Exchange Commission, Helane was responsible for litigation, securities enforcement, and regulatory matters. Ms. Morison practiced law at the San Francisco law firm previously.

She is also a member of the Board of Regional Parks Foundation. Ms. Helane is also a periodic speaker on topics mostly concerning legal issues and compliance matters that affects private funds and investment advisors.

Philip Diehl, the president of gold and silver distribution company US Money Reserve made an appearance on EPN Enterprise Radio in February. Mr. Diehl is currently at the helm of US Money Reserve and he is also a former US Mint director. He held that post from 1994 until 2000 and was appointed by President Bill Clinton.

EPN Enterprise Radio is a show that acts as a venue for industry leaders, small businesses and executives to offer their insight on market and industry trends. New innovations, business strategies and the development of better services are discussed among many other business related things. The EPN radio interview is a string of media interviews done by US Money Reserve director Philip Diehl following the New Year. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

On air, Philip Diehl discussed his own executive background, his company’s customer service policy and the outlook for the gold market. Mr. Diehl is widely considered to be one of the most innovative and accomplished US Mint directors of all time. He helped create the 50 states quarter program which has since been expanded upon and has become a collection item in its own right. Under his leadership the US Mint also struck its first ever government issued platinum coin. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Mr. Diehl recalls that when he took over the reins at the US Mint, it was backwards in many respects. He helped transform the US Mint into more of an entrepreneurial organization that would become more profitable. A major initiative implemented by Philip Diehl was the initiation of six year plan designed to make the US Mint’s customer service better for its customers. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Diehl is proud that he helped bring the US Mint’s service to a high standard that is up to par with some of the leading companies in the country. For more information about US Money Reserve Director Philip Diehl’s appearance on EPN Enterprise Radio check out this on CB19.

US Money Reserve is one of the leading distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins in the USA. The firm is based in Austin, Texas and works with clients across the board when it comes to volume of gold, silver and platinum purchased. US Money Reserve sells official US issued coins as well as bars and bullion. The company also sells collectible coins and provides investment advice for prospective buyers of gold and silver coins.

The firm has been in business since 2001 and has thousands of satisfied clients across the country. Unlike other sellers, US Money Reserve actually delivers the gold to you, instead of a paper certificate that simply states you own a certain amount of gold.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm with headquarters located in Chicago, IL. They are dedicated to providing the very best financial advisory services to publicly and privately held business. They strongly believe in building businesses that will thrive all over the United States. Madison Street Capital wants to make a difference within local and global communities, so they work hard to help fill the needs of their clients. They also get a lot of philanthropic support which helps make this possible. One such organization is United Way. This organization helps communities who have been struck by a natural disaster. They provide emergency service to those who need food and shelter. They also provide long-term recovery efforts in education, health, and financial stability.

Madison Street Capital’s team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to forming relationships with their clients. They are considered one of the world’s premiere investment banking firms. They are also a leader in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory. At Madison Street Capital, their team of professionals is dedicated to making sure they help each and every one of their clients’ specific situation. They will not leave you hanging as they will work with you until you are completely satisfied.

This is a company you can trust as they are experts in achieving their goals in a timely manner. Because they are committed to high integrity and excellence in their industry, clients are able to succeed in the global marketplace. They take on each client’s goals as if they were their own, which helps them better understand what needs to be done. They are a company who does not want to see you fail, but to succeed instead. Madison Street Capital has worked with hundreds of major corporations, but they have also focused on working with middle-market firms to help them navigate difficult transactions and achieve the best possible results.

With this type of professionalism, the many services they have to offer, it is no wonder why people are turning towards Madison Street Capital for help and advice. They have offices in North America, Asia, and also Africa. Why choose any other company when you can work with the team of experts at Madison Street Capital? They have proven themselves worthy of helping you and your company succeed, and they only want to provide you with the best financial advice they can offer. If you decide to work with this company, you will not be disappointed.

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