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Alastair Borthwick encountered various experiences since his life in high school. He decided to join the media group in Glasgow he was a copy-taker for the Glasgow Evening Times newspaper before joining the Glasgow Herald paper that recorded various activities of the week. Alastair was assigned with multiple duties at this company such as editing films, receiving calls made by the customers, writing articles on women and children for the paper and even compiling crosswords. After the contact with the Daily Mirror of London ceased, Alastair Borthwick organized activities of a press club at the Empire Exhibition.

In line with his career, Alastair Borthwick was motivated by the hiking activity taking place at the Scottish Highlands. The hiking activity was previously thought to belong to the rich people, but with time it was becoming popular to everyone interested. Alastair spent his weekend’s hiking and exploring the free nature. He was thrilled by the experience encountered hence decided to record these activities in a book. Since Borthwick was a social person, he made friends with his colleagues in the hiking activity. He wrote Always a Little Further that explained the hiking experience vividly and used humor.

Always A Little Further entails many articles that he wrote while at the Glasgow Herald. With the help of T.S. Eliot who was a poet and an editor, the book was completed very fast. Alastair used relatable characters to the Scottish way of life he used motorcyclists, berry pickers, hikers and even bird watchers. The book was published in 1939. The book became a favorite for many people who got the importance of exploring the beauty provided by nature.

When the Second World War commenced, Alastair joined the Seaforth Highlanders battalion. He worked very hard to be promoted to the rank of a captain. Most of the time Alastair spent most of the time sharing ideas and strategies to use to overcome the Germans. Alastair led the Seaforth military to attack the Germans at night and emerged as winners. When he was given off time by the colonel, he decided to write his war experiences in a book known as Sans Peur.