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HGGC has a unique angle that it employs in its handling of mid-market businesses to help them outshine the market. HGGC has 19 members in its team, and this includes the two co-founders Steven young and Robert Gay who are now the Managing Partner and Executive Director respectively.

Being a privately owned equity firm, based in Silicon Valley, California, HGGC specialty is in leveraged company buyouts, recapitalisations, asset financing, new acquisitions, investment banking and middle market restructuring. From healthcare to technological firms, information services, food production companies, industrial chemical manufacturing and business services, this company seeks to invest in all sectors without the prejudice of whether they are public or private companies.

One of the firm’s objectives is to build and empower businesses in the mid-market to outperform their market category by coming up with designs which combine the best of practices form both international corporations and private equity. Currently, HGGC’s target market is the USA, with plans to look into opportunities in the global business platform.

Roughly, this company invests approximately $25-$125m in mid-level market companies. The firm has made acquisition of well over 14 other organisations. RPX Corporation was the most recent having been acquired in May 2018 for half a billion US dollars. RPX current portfolio is under the HGGC Fund III. It is based in San Francisco and after its acquisition; all the existing directors were removed and replaced with Steven Young, Richard Lawson, Steven A, Leistner and David Chung. Currently, this company is considered to be the leading equity firm in mid-market with over $4 billion worth of investment commitments.

This company is known for its application of technology as a significant tool in its operations. These products include Vimeo, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Its team comprises of a dynamically talented network of professionals that have both the operational and collective deal experience. HGGC’s use of technology as an informational and functional tool gives them an edge that gives them an advantage into a more comprehensive view into trends in the mid-market that are crucial in the shaping of opportunities in the near future.

While Isabel dos Santos was born into one of the most influential and richest families in Africa, she has spent her life forging her own path. She has stepped out of the shadow of her father, and she has become a voice for the under privileged. One of her main focuses is on the role of young women in Africa and the ways by which they can access a full education. Isabel dos Santos spent her childhood traveling to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and she feels very fortunate to have had such a wonderful upbringing. She has had to deal with some of the prejudice that comes with having such a childhood.

In her business life she has faced many obstacles. She has had to contend with being a woman, being black, and being so young. She has had to compete in a male dominated industry. She has advice for the young girls who want to follow in her footsteps. While she will always be an advocate for them, she encourages them to fight for themselves and demand things like an education. Isabel dos Santos hopes that one day women will be on level terms with men, but until that day comes, she believes that systems have be forced upon companies to allow women to succeed. It starts with equal pay, but there also has to be a change in culture so that women are allowed the same promotion opportunities as men. The entire culture of some major companies has to shift to see women as equals.

As a mother of three, she is focused on improving the working and schooling conditions for the next generation. She will use her platform as the richest woman in Africa to continue to be a voice for women around the world

Nationally-syndicated radio show host Ryan Seacrest showcases his various talents for running multiple businesses. He has a production company that has created and worked on many of today’s hit shows including Shades of Blue, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I Love Kellie Pickler, E! Live from the Red Carpet, and many more. Ryan Seacrest Productions is an Emmy-winning production company that was founded back in 2006 by the dynamic entrepreneur.

The American Idol host has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Most famously, Ryan Seacrest started back in 2002 at the host of the very first season of American Idol. Recently, he has ventured into many other entrepreneurial routes that have kept him super busy. This includes a popular menswear line called Ryan Seacrest Distinction and a men’s skincare line after he partnered with Dr. Lancer, a world-renowned dermatologist. If this is not keeping him busy, all the other projects he has going certainly do. Back in 2010, the entertainment mogul founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a charity focused on youth-initiatives. The non-profit organization helps today’s children and teen get a look into the entertainment and educational industries, creating new and exciting experiences for them.

There are other entertainment shows that Ryan hosts each year. One of the biggest show he participates in is called Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Dick Clark was a huge inspiration to Mr. Seacrest so hosting his show is quite an honor. Ryan’s most current job is as co-host and executive producer of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Not only is he joining a show that has been running for quite some time now, but they have an Emmy-winning production team to back them up. He also has a number one radio show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. It is based in Los Angeles, California, and it s a morning drive show for that area. The awarding-winning entrepreneur also invests in many entertainment and media companies aimed at to target millennials. This involves reaching out on social media where young people often spend a lot of their time.