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The CEO of PodcastOne has worked to make sure that people are being targeted with the podcasts that they listen to. While this is slightly different than Internet radio, it is something that people can take advantage of when they are looking at different options.

The idea behind PodcastOne is that people can listen to various messages so that they are able to get exactly what they need from them and so that they can learn more instead of just listening mindlessly to the radio. Norman Pattiz knows this but he also knows how important it is to market products to these listeners.

Despite the fact that many people may be concerned that the podcasts are not making a difference, Norman Pattiz has set out to create a different opportunity for these people. He does a lot of different things with advertising and this has made it easier for him to make all of the right decisions.

Norman Pattiz finds the products that people are going to love and chooses to put them in as commercials on the podcasts that they broadcast. He wants people to know that he cares about the products that they want and that he is going to do everything he can to get these products in their hands.

The results are in and people are really taking advantage of these podcast commercials. The buying rate is going up as the products are being advertised and it is up over 50%. This is a huge rate and something that shows people are actually enjoying the products that they hear about from the podcasts.

It just shows that Norman Pattiz is onto something and that he will be able to help people find all of the podcast options that they need depending on the opportunities that they have.

Since the beginning of the technology-related podcasts, Norman Pattiz has been working to improve his business. Not only does he want to make podcasts better for people and a better option that people can use in different instances but he also wants to make sure that people are taking advantage of everything that the podcasts have to offer.

He wants people to see that there are differences in the ways that they listen and that they can really get everything that they need from the different aspects of podcasts. He hopes that more people will begin to listen in to them.

Doe Deere is the creator of one of the most unique makeup brands out there, Lime Crime. Taking her love affair with unicorns, makeup, and bold colors, Doe Deere created an extremely successful makeup brand that has caught the attention of many other makeup lovers.

Growing up in Russia, Doe Deere did not move to New York City until she was 17 years old. Ever since she was a child she had a strong desire to meet some big goals and dreams. When she was living in New York City she accomplished one of her dreams when she became a musician. It was while she working as a musician that she learned many skills she would take with her into the business world. She learned how to market herself and how to handle her own career. It was during her time as a musician that she met her husband and soon they began collaborating together on many things, and later they would do the same with her makeup line.

Doe Deere had a strong attraction to the unusual, especially with makeup. She longed for a makeup line that had unique and bright colors. So in 2008 Lime Crime was created, in an attempt to add some fun into the makeup industry, which at the time was lacking bolder makeup options. Doe Deere experienced a lot of success right off the bat, because much like she did, other makeup wearers also wanted brighter and bolder options.

To Doe Deere, Lime Crime is much more than just a makeup crime. This brand allows her to express herself and be herself, just like she hopes other people feel when they wear her makeup. As someone who has a strong sense of style, Doe Deere makes her makeup as almost an accessory to an outfit or as another element of her style. To her makeup is a part of her style and she loves that now there is a makeup line that she, and other people with bold styles, can use to express themselves.

As unique as her makeup line, Doe Deere is a true pioneer in the makeup industry. She created Lime Crime and brought more options to makeup wears beyond the neutral colors that previously dominated the market. With her love for unicorns and anything colorful, Doe Deere was able to create a makeup line that started a revolution in the makeup industry.

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Mike Baur, a Swiss based entrepreneur and businessman, is also the co-founder and managing partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has more than 20 years of banking service in the Swiss banking industry. One of his prime responsibilities at the Factory is fundraising and then dispersing funds during the fundraising rounds.


Baur’s educational background includes earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. His employment background includes more than twenty years with Charles Leu and Sallfort Bank.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator program based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Factory helps entrepreneurs focusing on the digital industry and provides opportunities to help establish them in the market place. The Factory offers a three month start-up program including the resources necessary such as office space and an entrepreneurial network. The program guides entrepreneurs and start-up’s a professional platform that takes them through a business driven program including establishing ambitious milestones.


Mr. Baur left the banking industry to begin investing in start-up companies. He decided he could do a much better job of assisting entrepreneurs and their start-ups through an official entity rather than just on his own. He works closely with the entrepreneurs offering real world experience and advice and helps them set the right course for their own success. His vast background of experience gives him a unique insight into what it takes to succeed.


Baur believes it is imperative to guide young entrepreneurs through the start-up process. It is easy to become discouraged and leave the project behind, but it is important to the economy and the community at large to help create new business that is successful in their endeavors. Baur provides not only his advice and experience, but also his encouragement. He shows entrepreneurs how to take a failure, no matter how large or small it may be and analyze it and make it right. He knows firsthand that often times dealing with something seen as a failure or a miscue in the process often ends up being a greater success.


As part of his work with the Factory, Baur led a partnership drive with CTI Invest and became the Deputy Managing Director of the entity. Baur also helped establish a partnership with Goldback Group, as well as Fintech Fusion. This further demonstrates his wide range of practical experience and knowledge base.