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Sam Tabar is a capital Strategist in the world of hedge funds. He is also a trained attorney, having attended Columbia Law School. Before pursuing law, Sam was a student at Oxford University, where he graduated the year 2000 with Honors in a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

While at Columbia Law School, Sam juggled between his studies and working as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Sam started his law career at the prestigious Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. This was after his studies at Columbia Law School. Sam mainly dealt with finance related issues while working here, taking an interest in counselling clients about the formation and structure of hedge funds. His efforts and hard work saw him put in charge of private placement memoranda, side letters, and investment management agreements. Mr. Tabar was having a successful legal career when he left Skadden for Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors.

Sam Tabar began his finance career at Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors. He had a foundation in finance from his legal practice where he mainly dealt with finance related issues. Mr. Tabar put his best foot forward, and his efforts got rewarded, earning him a promotion to become the Managing Director. He also took up the role of Co-Head of Business Development. Sam worked on global marketing and investor relations, making strategic plans to target various kinds of clients. Mr. Tabar was a great asset to Sparx Group, with over 2000 potential investors in his portfolio. By the time he was leaving the company in 2011, he had helped raise $1.2 billion in assets.

Mr. Tabar joined Bank of America in the capacity of Head of Capital Strategy. His focus was the Asia-pacific region. Sam brought significant introductions to institutional investors, besides concentrating on the bank’s hedge fund clientele. In his short stay at Bank of America, he built a Rolodex of over 1200 investors.

Having tasted the finance world in depth, Sam rekindled his law career at Schulte Roth and Zabel Law Firm, where he took up a position as a Senior Associate. With his experience in the finance sector, it came as no surprise that he took up roles in financial matters such as hedge fund counsel. shows more of what Sam has done, but GoFundMe is where you really get a sense of Mr. Tabar’s charitable side.

Many people do not give a thought to their online reputation and how it can be affected by their action. When your reputation gets damaged it is imperative to take action and have it restored immediately.

Melissa Click, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, found this out the hard way. She was attending students protests when she made a mistake that almost cost her job. A video of her behaving inappropriately, surfaced on the Internet. Once the video went viral, she faced criminal charges and other disciplinary actions.

Although Melissa said her action or words weren’t meant to cause violence or encourage violent action, she acknowledged she made the wrong choice of words.

Three months following the incident, Melissa consulted with a reputable online reputation management firm, Status Labs, to help her. Once she discussed with Status Labs professionals, she had peace of mind in knowing that her personal and professional profiles are in trusted hands.

There are many companies out there offering to render reputation repair and help restore your positive profile online but it is imperative to keep in mind that not all reputation management firms are created equal. You want to go with a firm that is well known for providing top notch services to clients. That’s where Status Labs comes in.

Status Labs knows how important online reputation is, which is why the company’s team of reputation experts will take steps to get you the results you want. The company has both institutional and individual clients and will develop a customized plan to achieve great outcome for you.

Once you get in touch with the professionals at Status Labs, you will be required to provide information regarding the incident that caused your bad reputation or other pertinent details. They can even do their own research to find out how you appear to online users.

The mobile industry is one industry that requires expansion. FreedomPop is an example of a business that is so successful due to all of the ideas and the execution of its ideas which include expansion. FreedomPop offers its customers free services with the option to upgrade to paid service where they get more data and texting. The prices of each offer are very low compared to the pricing offer by other carriers.

An article released by RCR Wireless talks about the expansion plan of FreedomPop among other issues in the mobile industry like the FCC leveling Verizon Wireless fees. FreedomPop has recently gained tens of millions in money in order to help out with the plans in expansion so that the company can also remain independent as a business. FreedomPop has proven that it has the ability to compete and make sensible plans for the future. With the expansion into other markets and even a new smartphone on the way, the MVNO company is showing a lot of promise for its future.

The original article could be read here.

Brad Reifler has recently announced an Easter Seals Dixon Center partnership on the last day of February. this partnership is to include a donation of $3 millions in funding. Brad Reifler has chosen to form a partnership with the Dixon Center because of the impact it has made towards veteran’s lives for the better. They have also helped out families of military servicemen. One thing they did is to help them see opportunities for changes to their lives. Brad Reifler also notices the efforts made to connect veterans with solutions that can be easily accessed so that they can live a more productive life.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor. He has held this position for years. Therefore, he understands the freedom, potential, challenges, and responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur. He has been successful with plenty of different U.S. based companies. However, he has had to work his way to the top ladder. He has taken his experiences and used it to found a successful under he name of Forefront Capital LLC. However, this is not the first company that he has started. He has ran another successful company that was a large part of his career.

In the 1980s, Wikipedia showed that Brad Reifler has founded the Reifler Trading Company. With this firm, he has held and looked over millions of dollars in accounts. He has eventually expanded the use of his company for institutional research, execution services and information dissemination. He has expanded his company to become a very large independent futures operations. He eventually sold the company to Refco in 2000.

Among the things that veterans will get include caregiver training services, job training, education, health & Wellness, and plenty of other programs.  There’s more information on Brad Reifler on his Twitter, but he’s also available on which has great career information.

Many affluent people prefer keeping away from the spotlight. Most of them engage in political, social and economic activities through proxies in order to hide their identities. The Koch brothers, Charles and David Koch are no exception. The billionaire industrialists led private lives until recently when rumors concerning them started circulating. Not many Americans including those enjoying the trappings of power in Washington were aware of their presence. This only changed after it was found out that they had an influence on the American political landscape.

The Myths and the Truths Behind them

Numerous myths have emerged to portray Charles Koch in negative light. The most prominent of them was the allegation that they came into the limelight only after President Obama ascended to the presidency. This is not true because they have been on the forefront in reforming American legislation and public policies for over four decades. They have funded many democratic think-tanks. Charles is an active political operative and even contested a party seat in 1980.

There have also been claims that the Koch’s extensive connections are merely meant to act as a political front for their vast empire. The brothers however support and fund policies that improve the welfare of businesspeople at all levels. This includes the reduction of taxes. They do this not for their own benefit but to benefit the American society as a whole.

A myth also exists that the Koch set-up spends huge money to fund many conservative groups. It should however be understood that it is a group of societies that the brothers and their close associates have developed to advance ideas of the Republican Party, which they support.

Charles Koch in Brief

Charles G. Koch is one of the most politically connected tycoons in the United States. He was born on November 1, 1935 in Wichita, where he is a resident to date. Together with his brother David, he co-owns the Koch Industries, where he is also the Chief Executive Officer. The Massachusetts alumnus is ranked among the wealthiest individuals on earth with a net worth of over 35 billion US dollars. Charles is also a supporter of the Republican Party and is heavily involved in its activities.

Away from business and politics, Mr. Koch helps fund several free market leaning learning institutions.

Keith and Keely Mann have recently promised a 5 thousand dollar scholarship to a high school senior at Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. Uncommon Schools are charter public schools that are in low income areas. Their goals is to close the achievement gap and make sure that more individuals from low income backgrounds can graduated from both high school and college.

The school is very excited about the new scholarship because it means that one more student from their school will be able to get a four year college education.
Keith Mann has been a long time advocate of education and has a strong background in philanthropy. The application ,for the coming college term that starts in August, closed at the end of February. A winner will be decided by the end of March.

Keith Mann is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. DSP helps hedge funds, alternative investment companies and equity firms. They help these firms to find executives and other staff members. DSP has been able to successfully help 2 thousand client requests and this is only since 2001. The company has also expanded its services to Asia and Europe and because of their database of investment executives is known to be one of the biggest in the world.

Mann started with Dynamic Associates and served in the alternative investments division as a manager. He slowly got promotion after promotion and now Mann is a vice president at the organization. It was because of Mann’s creativity that he realized there was an open market for executives in hedge funds and other investment situation. It was such a successful idea that he had in 2002 that it quickly expanded to encompass more and by 2006, the company was already assisting with executive searches for the private equity industry and several others.


Want to assist children in developing what is necessary for a truly fulfilled life? It looks as if Avi Weisfogel is seeking the same, with a $2000 GoFundMe campaign that seeks to benefit Operation Smile. Weisfogel has an enduring passion for helping children get the best start possible, and it is no surprise he chose Operation Smile as his organization, considering his profession.

A dentist, Weisfogel chose Operation Smile because they focus on providing mouth surgeries to needy children throughout the world. They specialize in correcting facial deformities such as cleft palate and cleft lips, giving children the bright future they deserve. Weisfogel’s dental background gives him insight into the necessity of mouth surgeries for deformities, despite a child’s economic background. He believes that every child deserves exceptional care.

Operation Smile was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in 1982 with humble beginnings, their first trip being to the Philippines. Currently the organization is throughout the world and has provided over 200,000 free facial surgeries. They have a deep respect for native cultures worldwide and work closely with local healers to provide the best care possible. They also are sure to speak the language so that their young patients feel truly at home.

Weisfogel loves Operation Smile, because it gives children with little resources hope. It allows them to feel as if, whatever happens, they will be alright and provided for.


Talk Fusion is an example of a company that rises to success in a very quick manner. It has only been in business for a few weeks and is already number 1 in Indonesia. The reasons behind its popularity are obvious. Video Chat works at a very fast rate and is compatible with any device from Android, or any other company or operating system. The product also has a high quality of video imaging. It also can be used for communicating with people all throughout the world. These features is what makes Talk Fusion one of the most popular platforms to use for communication.

In order to capitalize on its success, Talk Fusion is looking for more ways to speed up its momentum. Among the offers it is considering giving to people is the 30 day Free Trial for various products and services that are being offered.

The products of Talk Fusion are available in well over 140 countries. They are marketed from person to person as well as in different forms of media. They also work towards giving back to the communities and families that support the company and the products as well as services it provides. Talk Fusion is also dedicated to providing some of the best ethics in business and work.

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Oisin, the founder of Handy, a professional cleaners, and handymen booking site started on political content then went to real estate, then to on-demand taxi service. Handy was born when he moved to Harvard to do his MBA. He and a friend that was living under the same roof decided to pursue the handy concept and dropped out of school in the second year.

After he opened the start up in New York, he has been growing in giving on demand services to the market. Over years, a lot other similar companies have come into the limelight. However, Handy is unperturbed by growing completion as it has created a long list of loyal customers.

Balancing between the customers and contractors

Handy has about 160 employees and around 100- thousand contractors. In this case, the company has to seek for ways to satisfy both the clients and the contractors that are not its employees. Thus, the company gives professionals the flexibility to earn some more cash. For clients, it is all about having a reliable handyman or cleaner hat they can hire at a specific time of the day. There has always been the need for such services with many customers worried about the reliability and quality of work done.

Experimental services

Over eighty percent of the business comes from cleaners and the rest from handymen. Handy plans to sell furniture through third party dealers and offer to pick the furniture, deliver, and assemble it at the client’s home or office.

Hiring is the main line of business for Handy. Thus, it plans to invest in that line over the next half a year. Oisin says that he has no plans to make contractors his employees but will continue to offer flexibility and access to new markets to all the contractors on board. Handy offer cleaning services, handyman services, plumbing and interior painting among other services.

In an effort to raise around 12 billion dollars, Argentina is returning to the international Bond Markets, and among the largest buyers of Argentinian debt will be Highland Capital Management, LP. President and co-founder Jim Dondero has stated that the large asset management firm, which currently oversees around $19 billion, will seek to buy up “significant amounts” of the Argentinian bonds.

Argentina has been missing from the international bond markets since 2001, when the country defaulted a record $95 billion. They have consistently been unable to pay its bond holders, however a U.S. court ruling that lifts the ban on Argentina to pay it’s restructured foreign debt will profit Highland Capital significantly, which purchased 2033 bonds while they were trading in the mid-70’s in 2014. They have since earned an annual return of around 20 percent.

Highland Capital Management, and it’s founder James Dondero, have been incredible contributors in the international markets for decades, and have been invaluable in creating substantial and positive changes in investment markets worldwide. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital has been a leader in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation Market, and they have incredible award-winning products in many different sectors, such as private equity funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, and institutional separate accounts.

Highland Capital president James Dondero works constantly to bring new and innovative solutions to HCM, it’s investors, as well as the markets worldwide. Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank, as well as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios, Jim has a variety of experience in many different sectors of business, and this well-rounded business skill and leadership leads to successful investment decisions at Highland Capital.

Jim boasts over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets, focused primarily on distressed and high-yield investing, and co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. Since it’s inception, HCM has been an incredible contributor to the stability and success of world equity markets.

The recent decision James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have made to invest in Argentina’s return to the world bond market is another prime example of Jim’s excellent leadership and judgement, as well as an example of Highland Capital’s role as a leader of confident investing in today’s world markets. Please see below for the original article and more information on HCM and Jim Dondero.

HCM Wants to Buy Argentinian Debt

Highland Capital Management James Dondero